Sandwich Generation


I was filling out the application for my Mom’s apartment here in Huntsville yesterday. The woman on the other side of the desk heard me on the phone with my Mom and after I hung up she said, “Are you the only sister?”

“Well, yeah…but I have a brother in Colorado.”

“Yeah, I have a brother in Florida and everything falls on me too.”

“Oh! No. It’s not like that at all. When my Dad was dying my brother was there way more than I was because I had two little kids and he had none. And a few years before that he basically had to give up his career to help my Mom after she had an aneurysm. It’s just that now my kids are teenagers and his are little so it’s easier for me this time around. But he is always calling me and checking on me…and he flew in town a few weeks ago to help us move some stuff to Huntsville…he’s great.”

“Oh, then I need him to give my brother lessons!”

“I know. I’m really lucky. And it’s not just him. His wife is even more amazing and considerate. They are always sending notes of gratitude and love. And I have this whole crew of amazing Aunts and my mother-in-law even traveled with me to Knoxville to help pack up some of Mom’s stuff and clean her condo! I also have childhood friends in Knoxville who have been really helpful and supportive and…well…I just have way more than my share of amazing friends and family…that’s for sure.”

“You can stop now. I thought it was sweet at first but now I’m just jealous.”

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