A List.

It’s Monday and I’m tired and our city is about to get EVEN MORE rain this week than it already has and I’m stressed about that so today we’re relying on a bulleted list so I don’t have to be too coherent about my writing structure. ENJOY!

  • We watched Parasite last night before we went to bed, only to find out it won Best Picture at the Oscars so we feel more in touch with pop culture than we ever have been. It was good, by the way, but the first half felt like a very different movie from the second half. And also, I’m really glad I never so the cover image being used for it because I feel like that would have ruined it for me, I went in totally blind.
  • Nikole Hannah-Jones (my favorite journalist right now) did a great interview on The Daily Show last week. I know she’s not here to educate me by any means but obsessively following everything she does/says/writes has really helped me understand racism in our country and the white privilege in myself.
  • WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH! We haven’t had a beach vacation in years but the kids are old enough to vote for where we go and Donnie finally had to give in. See, around here we’re only 6 hours from the beach so EVERYONE grows up with summer beach vacations and Donnie is just not excited about it BUT WE VERY MUCH ARE. And he’s excited now that we are. We’ll be along 30A somewhere between Rosemary Beach and Seaside. Near a state park so he can trail run but also within walking distance from the beach. I AM SO EXCITED.
  • You must listen to this week’s “This American Life” about delights. It has inspired me to look up the poetry of Ross Gay and to also to document things I find delightful. It’s a great assortment of stories include one about an older Mother who is living the life I want to live some day. (I mean…without the loss….you know what I mean.)
  • 11 years ago today my was hospitalized toward what would eventually be his cancer diagnosis and death after weeks in hospice. I first wrote about it here. It’s so weird to read that now, knowing what I know. I do remember being more scared than I let on in that post because my Dad was an avid reader of my blog and I didn’t want him getting mad about me writing about him being sick, but it also felt very important that I document it SOMEHOW. Anyway. This day always hits me weird b/c it’s the last day I had a *normal* life because that grief changed me in permanent ways.
  • I also watched the new Fashion Design show on Netflix last week. Next in Fashion. I liked it a lot more than Project Runway for a few reasons, but mainly because of Alexa Chung who is HILARIOUS. Who is she? How have I never heard of her? I loved her dearly after this show!

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