Celebrating Your In-Home DJ

Today’s tip for parenting teenagers: Let them DJ for you for a bit.

Maybe let them DJ on a car ride, or maybe you have one of those bluetooth speakers somewhere and you can ask them to DJ while you…cook dinner or fold clothes or something. And then…this is the kicker…you have to enjoy it.

Now…I know everyone is different about music. And everyone likes different music. But if you’re just setting aside a chunk of your day to enjoy someone elses’s music…and you make that your goal…it’s not so hard to put your own tastes aside and enjoy their music through them.

I did this by accident the other night with one of my teens. Honestly? I’m not sure how it happened, I just know all of the sudden they were playing music out loud on their phone and I told them to get the speaker and then we just sat there for a bit, grooving out to their music and they just kept picking songs they thought I’d like and it was lovely.

I’m not really a music person. I mean, I have my favorites and I’ve been to life-changing shows and I’ve seen mind-blowing performances but if someone told me I could never listen to music ever again? I’d be sad, but life would not be unlivable. So, that means I can just absent-mindedly listen to anything. If you’re more like my husband who takes music VERY SERIOUSLY (he used to be in a band) it’s not as easy to listen to music you don’t actually like so this may not be a great way to spend quality time with your kids. You may end up lecturing them about their terrible music and let me tell you…THAT WILL RUIN THE MOOD.

But if you can do it without a running commentary on their musical taste…I high recommend it. It gave me a real delight this weekend and those are often hard to come by in the Teen Mom world.

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