Broken Record Parenting.

My blogging streak faltered a bit as my brother flew in to Nasvhille from Denver to help load up a truck from Knoxville to get my Mom’s stuff to Huntsville. It’s an exhausting stretch of traveling for him. I also had to give him a Huntsville tour, drag him to a couple of soccer games, make him meet my friends (TO SHOW THEM OFF BECAUSE I HAVE COOL FRIENDS) and drag him to a Superbowl party. (FIRST HALF ONLY BECAUSE I AM OLD.)

He’s still here and we’re going hiking today and doing a few more things before he leaves tomorrow. I always experience a very intense sadness when I have to say goodbye to my brother because I love having him around so much and so prepare for some sort of poignant and sappy entry from me later this week.

My kids…just like all kids…get sick of me repeating myself and as they become teenagers they will call me out on it. Recently. one of them was irritated at the complications from not having both parents available in one day to divide and conquer and I said something like, “Listen! My Dad raised me alone! I only ever had one parent to help with stuff and there were two of us and I was the oldest so I often had to do stuff alone while my Dad helped my brother!” and my child responded…

Wait for it…if you’ve ever been on either side of this argument this is going to really cracky you up…


I got my feelings hurt at first but every time I’ve told the story since I have cracked up because…NO PARENT wants to, “When I was your age I had to walk uphill both ways,” their kids but I guess I did?

The other thing they both hate is when they fight and I remind them that my brother is one of my best friends and we never fought as much as they do and it stresses me out when they fight. “YES MOM, WE KNOW, YOU AND UNCLE CHRIS WERE PERFECT AND LOVING IN EVERY WAY AND WE ARE TERRIBLE.”

I mean, they don’t say quite that, but the sentiment is always the same every time I nag them about fighting.

I don’t think you can avoid being repetitive as a parent. And when they call me out on it I find it humorous…LATER. Not in the moment. In the moment I say something like, “DAMN RIGHT MY LIFE WAS HARDER. I HAD NO AIR CONDITIONING IN THE SOUTH IN THE SUMMER. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS?”

Do you have anything your parents repeated constantly? Or have your kids called you out for repeating stuff to them?

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  1. Ever since my kids started driving, I tell them every time they leave the house to drive safely, slow down, text when they arrive, etc.
    Their response is ok, I’ll drive fast, take chance, cut people off, use my road rage. (This is a line from a comedian)

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