Where’s my docuseries?

In my small Catholic school, all girls cheered in the 8th grade. I mean…you didn’t have to, but it was kinda the way it worked and most of us looked forward to the chance. We all (mostly) also played basketball (the school was too small to be choosey about who did what so we all did everything) which meant there were only a few cheerleaders at our games, but we took it very seriously during the boy’s games and I loved it.


Someone local made our uniforms which you can see pictured here. I remember going to get measured and being a bit mortified by the process. I was very modest, but when I got this uniform? It was my favorite thing IN THE WORLD. I was a CHEERLEADER. I mean, there were no tryouts (we only had 8 girls in our 8th grade class if I recall…THEY WERE NOT PICKY) and we didn’t have training or anything, or a coach? I don’t think? I remember some girls having sisters who were cheerleaders and they taught us the cheers they knew…I don’t remember having a “coach” so to speak.

So as far as cheer programs go…it was very low key.

BUT I LOVED THIS UNIFORM SO MUCH. I remember wanting to wear it to the grocery store and to my brother’s activities just so the whole world would know: KIM WAS A CHEERLEADER.

I watched the Cheer docuseries on Netflix and it made me dig out this photo to reminisce. There was exactly ZERO overlap between my experience and the experience on that show ,but STILL…I had to relive my cheer days for a bit because I do remember it being such a great time. I just felt so cool when I put on that uniform…which is hilarious in retrospect.

Anyway…I wrote a totally different blog post this morning but then worried my kids would hate it so I thought I’d take you on this walk with me this morning instead.


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