On Switching Books When One Doesn’t Hold You.

Periodically, in the middle of the night I’ll wake up and think, “That’s a great blog topic for the morning!” I very, very, rarely remember it. And while I’m certain 98% of them are things like, “Intergalactic sausage factories and who is managing them?” (if my weirdo dreams are any indication) – I really feel like the idea I had last night was good. AND IT IS KILLING ME THAT I CAN’T REMEMBER IT.

I just used my first paragraph to write about dreams and forgotten ideas. Two of the most documented terrible topics for blogs, back when people wrote about how to blog.

Which…for the record…”How To Blog” is the third most terrible topic to write about.

SO! I’ll write about my backup topic which is: How to live with a dog who does not give you any time to work on the laptop in the mornings because if you dare exist in the public space then you are there to serve him and he will growl and whine until you do.

(He is currently in time out. We will see how long this lasts.)

ANYWAY…How are you? Good? Yes. Me too. Except the insomnia and stress and stomach problems and general apathy towards the world because disappointment is locking me into complacency mode and…

Well. You get it.

I need to pick up a new book to read today. I’m in this bad habit of when I can’t get into a book…I don’t like just starting a different one. I need to let myself do that sometimes because leaving a book unfinished is better for my mental health than passing the days avoiding it by spending too much time on social media. Which is what I do with my “down time” when I’m not reading. And I have not really been hooked by the book I’m reading so yesterday when I had down time I spent too much of it on social media and I definitely felt the pains of that while I tossed and turned last night.

So today! Today I give myself permission to start a new book. And if it’s not a non-fiction? That’s okay! Sometimes non-fictions are hard to grab me, especially when I am looking for escape from the non-fiction happening around me! If I need to escape into a fictional world then that is not a critique of my intelligence or a commentary on my need to learn more about the world. IT IS SIMPLY A SURVIVAL SKILL.

Here’s to switching to books that hold your attention and help distract you from the world around us during this particular presidential election season which is somehow SO MUCH WORSE than in 2016.

2 thoughts on “On Switching Books When One Doesn’t Hold You.”

  1. I used to think that I HAD to finish every book I started. After slogging through “The Goldfinch” for my book club, I resolved to never do that again. Thankfully, my book club ladies don’t judge each other when we admit we either didn’t like a book or could not finish it. If I get to halfway and just can’t stand the book, I give myself permission to not finish it. And I’m now ok with that. Give yourself permission to stop reading (it’s not quitting, it’s ending it early).

  2. I think the reason this election season seems worse than 2016 is that we hoped that Donald Trump would not be a candidate. This year, baring convction on stuff he did, we know he is a candidate

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