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Quick Saturday Movie Review

Part of our streaming AT&T service is free access to the HBO app so when I want to watch a movie I tend to scroll through there until I find something. I’m in Knoxville today packing and wanted something to keep on in the background to kinda keep my spirits up since I tend to get down when I’m alone doing this job. As I scrolled through I saw Paddington 2 and I remembered hearing a critic – who didn’t even have kids – say it was one of his favorite movies.

So! I gave it a try. AND IT WAS SO GOOD. I’ve never seen the first one and really don’t know anything about the franchise but it was funny, suspenseful, charming, it had heart, and it made me cry about 50 times. IT WAS SO GOOD!

Anyway – that’s all I have time for today but I wanted to keep my writing streak going so here you go! A hot take movie review from a 2018 movie!

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