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On accidental successes.

So the fact that I’m writing this at 8pm on a Sunday night…probably a time of day I’ve never blogged in the 15+ years I’ve been doing this…tells you how weirdly important this blogging streak has gotten to me. I have no idea why I care because I only accidentally started the streak to begin with! I was just in Knoxville for the new year and feeling quite lonely and so I was more apt to write on this blog every day and then suddenly there was…like…a streak going and I DO NOT WANT TO BREAK IT.

So here I am, blogging before the day is officially over so I can keep my 2020 blogging streak going…the longest streak of blogging I’ve had in…years? Maybe? And I didn’t even intend to do it!

Kinda like how I kinda accidentally quit drinking Diet Coke, something I tried to quit forever and then just kinda quit without meaning to when we were in New York because there was NO WAY IN HELL I was paying that much for soda.

(Full Disclosure: I’ve had a few Diet Cokes this week thanks to incredible levels of anxiety and stress which felt soothed by my comfort drink. BUT I AM NOT BUYING IT FOR THE HOUSE I PROMISE.)

It’s funny when you accidentally changes in your habits and routines. I also accidentally became a hot tea drinker. It was just something I tried to help me sleep sometimes before, but then after a lot of difficulty sleeping and so a lot of nights of hot tea, suddenly I’m going to restaurants AND ORDERING HOT TEA THERE. Who am I?

Anyway…I just wanted to pop in and blog today so my streak didn’t break and what else better to blog about than…blogging.

Here’s to success wherever you find them…accidentally or intentionally!

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  1. Congratulations on your accidental successes! What kind of hot teas do you recommend? Have you tried any for your tummy? I bought a ginger tea a few weeks ago for the frequent nausea I have but haven’t tried it yet.

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