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And 10 hours later I’m blogging again! I’m hitting the road back to Knoxville today but just for an overnight trip to do some boxing and to bring back my car which has been in Knoxville for over a month while I’ve been using Mom’s car. We are buying it from her to save her some money as she shifts to retirement living anyway so we’re about to be a 3-car family officially!

Eliah is going with me to drive the second car back since I have developed a lot of skills in my life, but driving two cars simultaneously is not one of them.

Every time I go out of town I have to do that thing where you find people to do the things you usually do, take the kids to school, to soccer, pack lunches etc. My husband chooses to just make the kids fend for themselves in a lot of ways which I consider very good for them…I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I don’t know if the kid’s have any grander of an appreciation for me when I’m gone, and I’m pretty sure Donnie doesn’t because he just makes them do stuff for themselves that I would normally do, but I think it’s good for everyone to have the routine shaken if for no other reason but to trigger that resourcefulness that comes with not having that person around who usually does the worrying.


That’s one of the conversations I wish I could have with my Dad now. He was a single Father so he was the only option for Family Worrier and while I know for sure a lot of things worried him, I’m not sure if he was what I consider the Family Worrier. Like the one who worries about scheduling annual checkups and haircuts and figuring out schedules for school and such. Because a lot of that stuff we just didn’t do (like go to the doctor ever) and a lot of stuff I ended up taking over for myself because I training to be the officially Family Worrier.


Of course not every family has a worrier, and it’s probably better in situations where no one carries that burden alone, but since worrying is my super-power it falls on me naturally in our family. And really, who better to handle that task than a professional like myself?


Sorry for that sudden shift in topic, people…but I was in the zone typing and there’s a dog treat next to me that I was trying to bribe the dog with to get him to leave me alone while I blogged and some part of my exhausted brain thought it was my food and I went to PUT IT IN MY MOUTH and thankfully realized it was NOT human food.

Jeezus. I guess the new thesis for this blog post is: Who will worry about the Family Worrier who evidently sometimes almost eats dog food.

Note: I wrote this before I left for Knoxville on 1/12/2020 but when I sat down to write on 1/13/2020 I realized it never published so I’m backdating it and publishing it but THIS IS NOT CHEATING. I’m not going to let a technical difficulty ruin my streak I WROTE THIS YESTERDAY DAMMIT.

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  1. Dog treat eating must be a thing. In our family group chat, my sister just said my mom almost ate my sister’s dog’s treats thinking they were some type of pumpkin seeds (dog is tiny so tiny treats) ?

    Technicality on the publish button. You go girl! I don’t think I’ve blogged in years. I want to sometimes…but I don’t even know where to start!

    —stephanie aka bzm0mma

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