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I thought I’d let you guys know some of the things that have been bringing me joy lately. First? Romance by Jasmine Guillory. I’m not usually a Romance Novel reader for the same reason that I don’t enjoy grown-up TV…I’m kind of a prude. But these I adored. I started with The Proposal which I loved in 100 different ways and have since read The Wedding Date and The Wedding Party which all circle around the same loosely intersecting people. The order they are supposed to be read in is The Wedding Date and then The Proposal but I didn’t realize it was a series when I first grabbed The Proposal . But, for the record, you can read any of them stand alone but you’ll enjoy small little moments more from secondary characters if you read them in order but even reading them out of order I enjoyed some of those moments, just probably not as much as I would have. I hope to pick up Royal Holiday soon but I thought I’d take a romance break for a bit.

Next I truly adored the pilot for Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. If you were like me and loved Glee for the song/dance numbers…then give this a show a try because it has great song and dance sequences…AND IT HAS GOOD PLOT, which Glee didn’t always offer. It also has some of my favorite actors and actresses including Sandy Cohen when I’ve been missing since The O.C. I mean, this should has staying power I think because this is a premise that could last with good plot AND good musical numbers but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

BUT I TOTALLY HAVE MY HOPES UP. I mean, I need something after my two joyful shows The Good Place and Schitt’s Creek both bow out this season. I NEED A JOYFUL TV SHOW TO FILL THE VOID THOSE WILL LEAVE BEHIND.

I feel like I need to add one more thing to the list because a list of two things doesn’t feel like much of a list. But honestly? Life is tiring and I’m mainly re-enjoying things I know I love instead of discovering new things which is totally fine but is not great for blog material.

So I’ll end it here…with two things right now bringing me joy.

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  1. I just watched the show and loved it! It reminds me of Eli Stone and Ally McBeal. Both of those shows also had random musical numbers, but Zoey has the most!

  2. Brooklyn 99 brings me joy. And Encore on Disney +, about people who were in musicals in high school and are reunited to perform the musical again, years later.

  3. I never used to read romances either both because that’s all my mother ever read, and because I also am a prude. But I have since discovered that there are different “levels” of romance novels, which I guess would actually be sub-genres. Some basically end with the couple getting together and kissing, some include one, and only one, sex scene, and some are basically porn in novel form. Having read some of the less pornographic ones recently, I’m sad I didn’t read them all these years because it’s kind of like dismissing YA novels as an entire category – some of these stories are really good! I had not heard of the Wedding Date, but I’m going to check it out.

  4. Have you watched Derry Girls on Netflix??? I am a huge Good Place and Schitt’s Creek stan, but I rank DG above them–I’ve watched the twelve episodes (two seasons) of Derry Girls at least eight times over in the past three months. It is SO FEEL GOOD.

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