A Very Productive Use Of My Time

My dog has been chilling on the couch while I’ve been waiting for my laptop to run updates and the SECOND I open the “write” window to compose a blog post he’s up and bothering me. HE HATES MY BLOG. Seriously, y’all. It’s amazing how much he ignores me until he sees me typing and then he comes and cries at my feet like…you can do anything but write on your blog, human.

ANYWAY. I got a late start this morning because I had a sick day yesterday that bounced me between a terrible sinus headache and tummy issues. VERY FRUSTRATING tummy issues because once I started suspecting my galbladder I avoided fatty foods and it was all fine and then last night I ate something very normal and BAM! I was asleep on the bathroom floor for hours and took 4 baths.

(Baths soothe my stomach pains when I’m having an episode. Is that normal?)

So I’m here starting late and trying to cram in a blog post before I have to wake up the last kid for school and I’ve just waisted 10 minutes explaining why I have very little time to write.


I have family members who were terrible children who turned out to be great adults and I often look at them as signs of hope when any of my kids have a bad phase. After the news yesterday I realized that Prince Harry has been that for me too with every move he makes as an adult. Like, Remember when he was the problem child/teen/adult? THERE IS HOPE FOR ALL OF OUR WILD CHILDREN!

Talk to me about Ginger. With my stomach problems lately I can not get enough ginger. I have no idea if it’s a placebo or not but I’m convinced it always helps and now I’ve developed a love of all things Ginger. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO CONSUME GINGER?

Okay. With that riveting content written I can click “publish” on this baby and keep my streak alive. DO NOT SAY I NEVER GAVE YOU ANYTHING.

4 thoughts on “A Very Productive Use Of My Time”

  1. I love your posts no matter how long or the content.
    And know what I also thought as I read? get your gall bladder taken out. That’s what my wife did and she doesn’t have those attacks any more.

  2. We love the Gin-Gins in our house but my hubby hates the way they stick to his teeth. this time of year he stocks up on the little tubs of candied ginger that the grocery stores stock for holiday baking. That’s his favorite, it really soothes the queasy feeling from his migraines.

  3. Tea! Ginger tea is my absolute favorite. If you have Trader Joe’s nearby they have a ginger and turmeric herbal tea that is a little sweet and citrusy and generally amazing.

  4. Ginger tea and ginger candy/candied ginger! For ginger, I peel a thumbsize of ginger and and slice it thinly. Then I just boil it in water with a little brown sugar…in the Philippines, we call this “salabat”. Some groceries now carry a powdered form of this!

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