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Chex. Mix. Cookies.

I don’t mean to brag or anything but I’ve blogged every day this year so far! This is probably my longest blogging stretch in awhile! I just feel like my day starts so much better if I do some sort of brain dump here of whatever issue/concept/story is cluttering my mind.

I don’t have anything specific to talk about here because I’m just overwhelmingly excited about the return of Schitt’s Creek tonight and so that’s taking up the majority of my brain.

BUT! I also wanted to share that I’m watching this group on Facebook organize – spearheaded by retirement age ladies – within a 200-year old Methodist church in a way to try to push to make sure their church ends up on the right sight of the split. And listen…while I have very complicated feelings about how being raised in the Catholic church might have affected some of my anxiety disorders, I do know that the church and the community and my relationship with God helped me during the times I needed it the most as a teenager struggling with anxiety and depression but who didn’t know she was struggling with anxiety and depression. I don’t know if I would have lived without my Church or my God during those times and so seeing locals make sure their church stays supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community BRINGS ME SUCH JOY.

Also? I’ve been cooking more lately. I still don’t *love* cooking, I never have really. Well…it’s mainly the prep parts. Like I don’t love chopping and cleaning things and peeling things. Anyway…I’ve been obsessed with the Bon Appetit channel on YouTube and that got me brave at hosting Christmas Dinner where I made…HOMEMADE MASHED POTATOES. And then I saw a recipe for chocolate chip chex mix cookies and my world would not settle until I cooked them and they were AMAZING but damn, I really could have used a stand mixer. Homemade cookie dough is difficult to mix with a hand-mixer!

I also cooked potato soup yesterday that required PEELING POTATOES and tonight I’m going to give enchiladas a try.


It’s just a nice shift in my world…doing some cooking for a change. I’m not going to buy a stand mixer because my kitchen is too small and I don’t trust this cooking phase last long enough to justify the cost, but I do kinda wish I had a better hand mixer!

Anyway…just a small update from the world o’ Zoot. She’s excited about her favorite show having a new episode tonight and she’s cooking again. Whatever it takes to keep going through the chaos.

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  1. Longtime reader, only second comment, but I now have to make Moira’s famous enchiladas! Can’t wait for tonight!!!!!

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