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I’m up way too early this morning thanks to indulging in fattening food last night triggering what I still suspect may be gallbladder issues. It’s not unbearable, but it’s uncomfortable enough that I couldn’t sleep anymore so I got up. But…now I also seem to be facing a bit of writer’s block after I stare at this screen for the first time in a few days.

I’m back in Huntsville and feeling a bit overwhelmed. There’s many many steps still on the path to get Mom to Huntsville and while some of them are shaping up more clearly helping us see a bit of a path forward, some of them are more unclear and I do not like unclear paths. I want to know EXACTLY what we’re doing and EXACTLY how we’re doing it and EXACTLY what my part is in all of it. Without that my brain feels frazzled and so the writer’s block may be in part because of that jumbled network in my brain right now.

And of course exhaustion just magnifies it.

I’ve also “lost” a few things lately. I left my book at the hospital for Wes’s surgery last Friday. I left my laptop charger in my aunt’s hotel room in Knoxville. I’ve lost my favorite headband and I have no idea where. These type of things also disrupt the order in my brain partly because of the practical effects of losing things (I have to decided if I want to check out the book at the library or just call it a loss and not finish it, and I had to order a new charger) and partly just because my brain gets irritated when I lose things and JUST KEEPS REMINDING ME which just adds a bit of extra chaos to my already frazzled brain.

So I’m basically facing my writer’s block by writing about the things causing me writer’s block. That seems effective.

Here’s to a day of organizing the chaos in my head so that maybe I can have something more interesting to say the next time I stare at this screen.

2 thoughts on “BOOOOORRRRINNNNG.”

  1. I feel similarly about my role in helping my mom. She doesn’t need to move yet, but it probably will happen within the next five years, possibly before I’m 30. I want a rule book that tells me exactly what to do, and how to handle a difficult role-reversal: financially, emotionally, and in a way that preserves familial relationships. All you can do is exactly what you’re doing. Research, lean on your support system. Have faith in your ability to do hard things. You’ve got this.

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