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Blankey: My Review

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Okay! Yesterday was a bit of an anxiety spiral, wasn’t it? I am still feeling overwhelmed but some of the big stuff pushed forward yesterday with nothing too disastrous resulting from my errors or my mismanagement or my lack of preparation so today seems a big more manageable. BUT! The best moment came when I got to get my blankey back from Wesley last night!

I’ve been intrigued by weighted blankets for awhile but the ones I would see out and about were always the heaviest versions and always priced at like $80-$100 bucks. I didn’t really want to order one sight-unseen so I had just been putting it off. Target did start carrying lighter-weight ones for $50 but that still seemed like a big purchase for a blanket so I just kept passing it by.

I’m also a VERY hot sleeper and wasn’t sure if my inner-thermostat hatred of the heavy would counterbalance my anxious enjoyment of the heavy. And because of that concern, $50 seemed like a lot.

BUT! Then Target put those blankets on Black Friday sale for less than $30 (They’re gone online but you can see if your store still has any) and finally…then I felt like it was a reasonable risk to take. AND I BOUGHT IT.

The first night we had it Nyoka and I turned it horizontal (it’s a Twin size blanket) and shared it while watching a movie on my laptop in bed and it was DELIGHTFUL. Then…I used it for the next three nights in my sleep and I’m not saying this was causation, it could simply be correlation, BUT I SLEPT GREAT EVERY NIGHT.

But Wes really wanted to try it so I let him sleep with it Sunday night and so that sucked and I’m totally blaming that on why I woke up yesterday already in a spiral. I NEEDED MY BLANKEY.

But last night? After getting Nyoka home from soccer tryouts I grabbed it from Wes’s bed and curled up with it on my own and was asleep by 8pm.

Here are my thoughts…I’m a very light sleeper. I’m woken up easily by motion in my bed, sounds outside, but most importantly…my anxiety. So I tend to toss and turn a lot as I shift around and try to get comfortable every time something disturbs my sleep. The weight blanket seems to stifle a lot of that so it’s like I wake up but I don’t do the tossing and turning as much which tends to also wake up Donnie but it also wakes me up FURTHER.

I’m not sure if I’m describing that well.

The weighted blanket just seems to secure me in position more and I toss and turn less. I also seem to be waking up less in general but I’m going to wait a bit more before I totally attribute that to the blanket.

I’m loving it. And for $30 it’s not a bad thing to have around even if I decide I don’t want it in the summer or if it starts to annoy me. I haven’t felt too hot but I do feel like the fan is now a must in our room when it wasn’t on constantly before.

All in all, for my budget it was a worthwhile purchase. If you’re on the fence and you don’t have room in your budget? I’m not sure the risk is worth it.

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  1. I think they probably do help. Also do not underestimate placebo effect – it’s even been shown to work in animals treated by humans with placebo pills. I say this because I once took an over the counter sleeping pill, when I wasn’t sleeping well. I went to sleep super fast, slept through and woke and felt almost drowsy. “The pill worked!” I though. Went through to the kitchen and there it was on the counter.

  2. We got one for our daughter with sensory/anxiety issues–she LOVES it–and yes I do take it off of her bed to take weekend naps 🙂

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