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Anatomy of Distraction: A Story Of 3 Different Blog Post Ideas.

One of the reasons that I’m so dependent on lists is because it is so easy for me to completely forget something I was supposed to do seconds after I acknowledge it needs to be done. Like…seconds.

A great example is texting. I’ll get a text and be somewhere where texting back is not an option. Maybe I’m driving, maybe I’m checking out at the grocery store, maybe I’m talking to my kid and trying to prove it’s possible NOT to have your phone in your hand at all times. Either way…I’ll get a text and I’ll think, “I’ll respond to that in a second.” And here’s the thing: I COULD LITERALLY BE A SECOND LATER AND I HAVE ALREADY FORGOTTEN.

My speed at forgetting is not an indicator of how unimportant it is, it could be a very important text, but my anxious brain does not categorize “importance” based on the same standards as the rest of my brain and my anxious brain tends to dominate my short-term memory.

If there is something my anxious brain is focused on…even if it’s the dumb thing about trying to use a coupon that expired and being embarrassed…everything else gets pushed back indefinitely. EVEN IF THE REST OF MY BRAIN FINDS IT IMPORTANT.

Here’s another great example from this morning. I was going to write a blog post about getting a Sodastream. I sat down and typed “LOOK WHAT I GOT!” in the title bar. I went to Google Photos to find the picture I took of it. WHILE I WAS ON GOOGLE PHOTOS, I remembered that I went through the photos on my phone and marked the ones to put in a certain album on Facebook and so I immediately went to do that. Then, of course, that put me on Facebook where I immediately noticed people getting riled up about the Iron Bowl last night and that got my brain whirring about how much Football causes fights in my family and I thought: That would be a great blog post!

So I went to my blog and then saw the title, “LOOK WHAT I GOT!” and I was like, “Ohhhhh…I was already writing a blog post…”

And then I changed the title and decided to write this one instead.

But before I leave you…I will show you my Sodastream that I got for half-price during Black Friday.

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