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I’m A Professional Watcher Of Chefs

I’m not a foodie. AT ALL. I don’t have a refined palate and I don’t “appreciate” gourmet food enough to justify the cost. We’ve gone out to eat at “fancy” places and while I tend to love it I always fall back on, “But do I love it more than the seasoned fries and vegetarian 3-bean chili I get at my favorite chili place?”

And the answer is usually, “No.”

Sidenote: I did have some AMAZING food in NYC. Stuff that was even worth the cost if you factor in that everything in NYC is expensive. I had some great vegan chili at a place called Peacefood and an amazing stuffed pepper at PS Kitchen and several great veggie burgers and portobello sandwiches. Donnie actually only had one meal he didn’t like in all 8 days and the same meal was just eh for me. We seriously did great in terms of food.

ANWAY…gourmet/special foods are lost on me.

AND! I don’t really like to cook.

Rather…I don’t like the prep of cooking. I don’t like shopping and chopping and planning and I don’t like the periodic ambiguity of it. I don’t mind cooking the things that I like to cook, but they’re all really easy with low prep time and no variables that change.

All of this is to prep you for an amazing new fact about me:

I LOVE THE BON APETIT CHANEL ON YOUTUBE. There’s also an App if you watch on Apple TV or Roku, but I find the App a little glitchy so I watch on YouTube.

It started with Gourmet Makes which has pastry chef Claire Saffitz recreating popular processed foods as closely as possible. My favorites (because she has fun doing them) are the Hot Pockets, the Pop Tarts, and the Ferrero Rocher which I bought at Target to try before watching the episode.

There are a few she struggles mightily with too that are also interesting and fun but I like seeing her excited and happy more the stressed.

But watching that show introduced me to the other people from the chanel and y’all? I’ve been watching their Perfect Thanksgiving series for this year AND I AM NOT THIS PERSON. When did I become someone who just keeps cooking shows on in the background?

But don’t worry. It’s not making me want to cook more or differently. It might eventually, but not yet. I mainly just find it all fascinating, learning about different methods/tools/etc. DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE DIFFERENT KINDS OF TURKEYS? *mind blown*

Anyway – as always I like sharing stuff with you guys that brings me joy and here is one from a VERY different walk of life than I usually bring you!

AND IT’S FREE! I love free TV!

2 thoughts on “I’m A Professional Watcher Of Chefs”

  1. My daughter (who introduced me to Claire (and friends)), and her friend dressed up as Claire and Brad for Halloween. And Brad commented on their Instagram post- it was amazing!

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I love all the cooking shows, but never attempt to recreate anything, also mainly because of prep time. And all the cleanup later. But it’s almost the new year and time for resolutions – I mean goal-setting – and one of mine is, once again, to be stricter with my budget. Unfortunately for me, as someone who really doesn’t enjoy cooking, means I’m going to have to get better at preparing meals from scratch at home. It corresponds with wanting to live more naturally, so knowing exactly what goes in my meals needs to be a part of my life.

    It was also great getting to wave at you in Target the other day!

    Okay, I’m rambling. Bye.

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