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Quitting…For The Last Time?

When we were in New York City I couldn’t bring myself to sustain my non-stop Diet Coke habit. First of all, we had no fridge to keep them cold. Second, if we did, they still cost $4 a bottle which I just could NOT wrap my head around. This even continued at meal times when I struggled to swallow the increased cost of food and couldn’t bring myself to add a $5 soda onto every ticket. The added benefit of this was that I didn’t have to pee as much so we only had to use the Sit or Squat App once and that was for Donnie! (Which is when we discovered the Occulus/Mall by 1 World Trade Center which was surrounded by amazing street art! Win/Win!)

Anyway…so for the entire 8 days I had…maybe 3 Diet Cokes? Now…I was prepared for this decrease and kept myself armed with Excederin so I could keep the caffeine headaches at bay, and I was periodically indulging in $7 coffees at Starbucks, but for the most part it wasn’t too bad to break my 70-100oz/day habit.

SO! I’ve decided to keep it up when we came back home. Of course, I’ve had to replace it with something and since straight tap water doesn’t fill the bubbly requirement I’ve been trying out different seltzers and carbonated drinks to ease me out of the constant need to have something to drink. Truthfully, over the last year or so I have been substituting more of my Diet Cokes with Kirkland’s seltzer water (the cheapest flavored bubbly water you can buy) so it’s not as drastic of a shift as if I had tried this before I had acquired that taste for bubbly water.

I also bought a case of Perrier because we had straight/plain bubbly water in New York that was delicious and I thought it would be the same but it was NOT so now I’m pretentious, broke, and disappointed.

All in all I’ve been really proud of how “easy” it’s been, to be honest. I don’t think I could have ever done it this painlessly back in my ONLY Diet Coke days, but the gradual shift to more soda water on top of training myself to order water at restaurants (something I’ve slowly been shifting to the last year as well) then this cessation has been quite easy.

One of the lessons I’ve really starting to understand in my life is that actual lifestyle changes are better as gradual shifts instead of All In/All Out shifts. I mean, experts tell you that all the time about exercise and eating habits, that if you really want to see lifestyle changes it’s baby steps and gradual shifts that stick longer, but man…seeing it in action is really interesting. I just made small shifts over the last year or two and it’s made this time quitting all-together MUCH easier. I mean – I’ve quit Diet Coke “cold turkey” dozens of times and it’s never felt as “real” as this has. I just don’t seem to really think about it as much as I used to when I tried to quit before.

All in all, it’s been nice and anti-climactic. I don’t even talk about it as much as I did in the previous times I quit when it was ALL I COULD EVER TALK ABOUT. Donnie didn’t even notice I hadn’t been drinking it. He asked about the weird waters and I said, “It’s my replacement for Diet Coke,” and then he realized he hadn’t seen it in the fridge since we got back from NYC.

I will say this – another impetus has been our recycling changes here in town. Our city – like many other cities around the country – has had to shift our recycling program to try to make it more cost effective in the wake of the changes in China’s policies in buying our recycling. We only get one big bin a month and y’all? I was almost filling it up with just my sodas!! Nothing makes you want to quit something more than seeing it fill up a bin like that.

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  1. We drink a ton of seltzer in my house and I was feeling guilty about the amount of plastic we were using on 1 liter bottles. So I got a soda stream. I totally recommend it. Cost is about the same as buying the cheapest seltzers, you can adjust to your level of bubbles, play with whatever flavor you like, and it’s super environmentally friendly.

    You can get on a program for refills / recycling of the gas canisters by delivery or you can just trade them in at Best Buy or Bed Bath and Beyond.

  2. I don’t know if you meant it to be funny or not, but I just about snorted out my tea when I read “I thought it would be the same but it was NOT so now I’m pretentious, broke, and disappointed.” I hear you! I like the Kirkland fizzies but not most plain fizzies, but I think my favorite is the Cascade Ice. Mostly I do water or tea but those flavored waters and root beer are what I go to if I want something sweet. And recycling! Ours comes twice a month and it is overflowing by about day 5. We fill up our recycle bin SO much faster than our trash can.

  3. I have a friend that had one and then it broke pretty early so she got a replacement and then it broke and so she gave up on them. Is hers just a fluke? Are they pretty durable?

  4. We invested in the Aarke brand soda maker (I call it “not-Soda-Stream”) A few months ago and it seems pretty sturdy. I also think it looks nicer on the counter (since I hate clutter).

  5. I was just coming here to suggest this. I’ve had mine almost a year with no problems. AND I LOVE IT WITH MY WHOLE BEING. If it breaks? I will buy another one.

  6. I was just coming here to suggest this. I’ve had mine almost a year with no problems. AND I LOVE IT WITH MY WHOLE BEING. If it breaks? I will buy another one.

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