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Sorry I missed a day! Some days require more planning than others and so my morning “blogging” time gets eaten up. First, let me tell you seeing Hamilton was the best night of my life.

I’m just SAD that it’s so out of reach for so many people. I know the business behind Broadway is complicated but I know sometimes Operas or Stage Performances show up at movie theaters for special showings and I really hope they do this with Hamilton some day. It won’t be the same as seeing it live, but seeing it AT ALL I feel like is something everyone should do, but even the touring tickets are expensive and I just want everyone in the world to be able to feel what I felt Wednesday night. It was magical and I gave myself a headache from crying so much.

For the record, our seats were PERFECT. We were close enough that I couldn’t actually see the base of the stage which meant I couldn’t see the circle marking the parts that spin (I saw all of that at Cursed Child) so when the actors started spinning? Or when they were walking but not moving because the stage was spinning under them? IT WAS FUCKING MAGICAL.

I didn’t think much would surprise me knowing the cast recording by heart…AND YET…so much did. There’s a ton of added emotion via choreography or acting or even lighting that you just don’t realize you’re missing in the cast recording so it was just a surprise at every turn.

Perfection. Magical. I’ll be thinking of that night on my death bed, I assure you.

Everything else has been fine too! We explored Central Park which was so wonderful and it’s just so hard to really digest how much nature sits in the middle of so much urbanization. We walked all the way around the Reservoir and explored everything South of that but nothing North and we were still wandering around for almost 3 hours! It was spectacular. I loved it and was glad we were staying long enough for them to take down the Marathon stuff so it wouldn’t obstruct our views.

We also did the bus tour and explored the Lower East Side and went to the Tenement museum which is expensive but SO WORTH IT. I wish we had the time/money to do ALL of the tours, but the one we did was great. We also saw a bunch of street art which I love (I have long involved explanations as to why I love street art but I won’t bore you with them) but I understand that as trends go…street art tends to follow trends of gentrification so I took all of that with a grain of salt. I enjoyed exploring SoHo, NoHo, NoLita, Chinatown, Little Italy…we only really got a small glimpse of any of it but I’m glad we went at all.

OH! We ate breakfast at this place in Nolita and it was tiny and shared tables and so we were crammed between other people at the same table and eating trendy vegan food and it felt just very…cool…you know? And it was one of the many times where I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone in this city and it wasn’t easy but I DID IT.

We tried the cool rooftop bar at our hotel, just for the experience, but it was too bougie for us and after one beer we left for dollar pizza in the rain across the street. BEST PIZZA OF MY LIFE. We took it easy last night and just vegged out and watched Queer Eye because I was feeling a little sick (NOT FROM THE PIZZA, I WILL NOT BLAME THE PIZZA).

Today is our last full day and we’re heading down to Lower Manhattan to try to cross a ton of stuff off our list. It’s going to be COLD AF but we’re going to try to power through the best we can.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 and 7: MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.”

  1. I’m so glad you got to see Hamilton! I love that you’ve been able to step out of your comfort zone to make great memories!

  2. I agree 100% with Hamilton. My DH surprised me with tickets, and I cried the ENTIRE second act. And was also surprised by things, despite having the entire thing memorized. It was just so so wonderful.

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