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So, let’s backup a bit since the day of the Subway is over and I can breathe a little. Did I tell you yesterday how much I loved Roosevelt Island? It was one of those things I stumbled upon in one of the 45,000 articles I found about “quiet escapes in NYC” and we were walking around the island around 9:30 or so and found ourselves alone SEVERAL times. It’s a very surreal feeling to be in New York City at a “normal” time of day and suddenly be like…”Um, it’s just us here.”

There you go, I wanted to give you a few more photos from Roosevelt Island since I didn’t give you much yesterday when I was talking about my anxiety after the Rangers game so much!

But Day 5! The Subway day! I spent a long time trying to find the easiest/best route. I didn’t want to have to change trains. I didn’t want there to be a message on Google Maps that said, “Standing room only” so I plugged in departure points and times until I found something that had no train switching and said, “Seats usually available.” We decided to depart from Grand Central so we could say we had been there which was GREAT in theory but in practice, but the time we got there I was so focused on just getting on the Subway that I barely allowed ourselves time to take photos.

But I did take a few! As proof!

Full Disclosure: I did take my situational meds beforehand. I mean, that’s why they’re there…right? And it definitely kept me from crying like I had the night before. We made it, crowds weren’t bad. We took a different way home (no train switching, but different train that wasn’t as crowded because the one we took out was crowded on the way back) and I did about the same and I think I’ve figured out some of the specifics of my points of anxiety.

  1. Crowds, sounds and enclosed spaces…OBVIOUSLY

Doing the Subway reminded me of how I would never visit the Unitarian Church in town because the driveway was down off a road and I couldn’t see what the parking lot situation looked like. If I can’t see where I’m going in my next few minutes driving or walking to mentally prepare, I panic. I also figured this out when I went to a DuaneReade to get some hair gel and they had an escalator going down to the “cosmetics” and I just left because I couldn’t see where the escalator went. So I made Donnie go back with me.

I think that is the true key to my anxieties around subways. They’re underground and so inevitable you have to walk down stairs into the unknown. I think if I lived here I could get used to it okay, learning what to expect at certain stations etc.

ANYWAY! So I lived. I didn’t love it. And I’ll always avoid it if I can, but I did it with the help of my coping skills and my medication!


So we made it to Battery Park and I already had our Statue Cruise tickets to take use to the Statue and to Ellis Island. I was nervous about the boat and stayed interior on the ride to the Statue. But on the next two legs I could tell Donnie REALLY wanted to ride up top so we did and it wasn’t bad at all!

Both the Statue and Ellis Island were beautiful. We didn’t get pedestal or crown access, we just walked around the Statue which was enough. We only spent about an hour walking around the Ellis Island museum but we did use our 30 minutes to try to find evidence of Donnie’s family coming through Ellis Island but we could not.

Everything was great. I wish we had blue skies but we’ve been so fortunate with weather so I’m not going to complain!

So…food! Y’all know I’m not a food but Donnie and I are both different kids of vegetarians (he likes raw, I like cooked veggies) and so I’m basically just searching for “vegetarian restaurants” around wherever we’re eating, OR! We just glance at menus when we walk back a place and see if they have veggie burgers. WELL! We noticed a burger place a block from our hotel had veggie burgers so the other day we went there for lunch and it was great but THAT is when we discovered people also go there for their CRAZYSHAKES.

SO! Of course we went back last night and rewarded ourselves.

You can’t see it in that photo but there is an entire oreo ice cream sandwich stuck to the top of the shake!

Today we’re just going to explore Central Park (they just finally started taking down the marathon stuff so we wanted to wait for that to be gone) and then tonight is…HAMILTON.

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  1. Just wanted to say New York is intense and you’re doing awesome! Thank you for sharing the hard parts too. Ten years ago I drove to Chicago to meet my sister. On top of the stress of driving alone to a new city, dealing with crazy traffic and gridlocked intersections – so many people honked at me… the parking garage I needed to use for the hotel turned out to be underground. Like you had to drive your car down a ramp in the center of the street. I honestly circled the block like 10 times trying to muster the courage to drive down there. I wasn’t even sure that’s where I was supposed to go AND there were ZERO cars in the parking garage. So that was terrifying trying to figure out if in fact it was legal to park there overnight and also run with all my stuff alone through a dark parking garage at 11pm. I was sure I was going to be murdered. I survived and had a great weekend, but definitely sweated through my clothes on the way there and cried for sure.
    I can totally relate. You are brave! Hang in there.

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