Zoot in NYC

Day 3: Cursed Child

Since we decided to do both parts of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in one day, there wasn’t much else on the docket for yesterday. We had plans for a big breakfast, do a bit of exploring and then head to the show. Of course because I’m in a constant state of worry here (not bad worry, just “There’s A Lot To Do And I Want To Be Prepared” worry…I do it on most vacations) I woke up early and was BORED.


And then promptly panicked and came back.

Well, not really. I found a Walgreens but the things I needed were on the bottom floor and I was scared to ride an escalator into an area I couldn’t see (I’m the same way everywhere…I hate escalators to floors that you can’t see) so I didn’t get half of the things I needed. And there was a lot of sirens and stuff because they were preppy for the marathon and I just got a little panicky so I came back to the hotel after about 20 minutes out in the wild. BUT I DID IT.

Luckily my lobby is a nice place to get work done so I hung up down there (where I am hanging out now) until Donnie woke up. We went to breakfast, then went and found Paley Park…a nice privately owned public space I read about and we were the only ones there! It was a rare treat!

And then we finally made it to the show. The theater was lovely and the performances were magical and we even squeezed in a great meal (Connolly’s near Times Square has two vegan burgers/sandwiches FYI) before the two parts of the play.

The only problem is that to get to the show (and from the show) we had to walk through Times Square and while I know there are ways around it, we never seem to figure it out before we get stuck in the crowds. I tried holding Donnie’s hand and letting him guide me but A) he hadn’t been learning his way around because I’ve been guiding and B) HE DOES NOT WALK FAST ENOUGH. Y’all? The only way I survive getting through Time Square is basically weaving around everyone until I’m far enough away that I can walk without touching people. AND HE JUST GOES WITH THE FLOW LIKE A CALM PERSON.

All in all though yesterday was great. The play made me laugh and cry way more than I expected. Every time magic was performed on stage I teared up…EVERY SINGLE TIME. I feel very blessed to have seen it and I only wish everyone who love the Harry Potter world as much as I did could see it too.

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