Zoot in NYC

Day One: Groping, Puking, Pizza…OH MY!

Hi! I’m reporting from my hotel room in Manhattan while my husband does his long run around Central Park and I get ready from brunch at Tavern on the Green.


We made it! Our morning started insanely yesterday as 15 minutes before leaving we discovered a cough syrup spill that covered an entire shelf in our kitchen so we spent the last 10 minutes we had before leaving trying our best to find all the nooks and cranies that were orange and sticky before hitting the road.

And then Donnie left his phone in the car. Luckily Eliah had just starting pulling away from the airport when I called so he just pulled back over and I ran out to get it.

And then I got flagged at security (while Donnie coasted through with TSA pre-check) and got groped for the first time by TSA. It was weird. I’m glad I don’t travel more often, that was not fun.

And then we had a rough landing in NYC and we both almost hurled all over the plane.

And then my motion sickness just kept coming back on the hour uber into Manhattan. STOP AND GO TRAFFIC IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AN UPSET STOMACH.

But we made it to our lovely hotel and happily discovered we had a window (some rooms in this building don’t) and we quickly got ready to head to Johns Pizzeria at Times Square which is built inside the old Gospel Tabernacle Church and it has a gorgeous stained glass ceiling that is sliced like pizza!

Afterwards we decided to check out Times Square as I really only wanted to seek it out once and at night and then never again! It was everything I thought it would be, loud and bright and loud and loud and crowded and loud.

But I did it! We didn’t stay long and we avoided everything quintessentially “Times Square” like those bleachers in the background and the performances that were surrounded by crowds. We then headed back to the hotel for an early night in since my stomach was still not great.

Today we have a lot on the list of things to do starting with brunch at Tavern on the Green and hopefully squeezing in a trip to Strand after walking the High Line.

Donnie has been great. He’s held my hand strongly and followed my fast lead around people when there were too many. He’s congratulating me and calming me and I already know he’s ready to handle any curve balls my anxiety throws at us this trip. He’s trained 20 years for this.

3 thoughts on “Day One: Groping, Puking, Pizza…OH MY!”

  1. I am following your adventure — my son, daughter-in-law, littles and I are going a couple days after Christmas. It is their first time and they are excited. Sam is excited to see Aladdin while we are there. He is my theatre buddy.

  2. You did it! Oddly, I don’t get anxious about visiting new cities, which is odd because I’m far from calm about more than a few other things, but anyone fighting any kind of anxiety gets instant recognition and sympathy from me. 🙂

    And I love New York, so I was hoping that you would too!

    Keep dealing with the things one by one and have fun!

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