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NaBloPoMo Is Here!

Also? I’m going to NYC TODAY!

November is National Blog Posting Month and every year I *try* to post every day and I think I’ve succeeded a few times. This year, however, I want to use NaBloPoMo as an excuse to get away from the world while we are on our NYC trip and decompress every day by writing about my adventures here. We’ll see how this works.

We fly out this morning and will get to NYC late afternoon, early evening. We have several family members staying at the house and helping with the kids and watering our bushes that I planted ALL BY MYSELF.

(Digging holes is hard, but that’s another VERY EXCITING blog post for another day.)

I have a rough “itinerary” set up for today through Tuesday with BIG things set for every day and then opportunities to fill in the blanks with smaller things if we see fit. I’ve been finalizing a lot of plans now that we have a view of the weather and – it’s going to be cold (for an Alabamian) but OH MY GOD it is going to also be PERFECT:

Starting Wednesday we have a 3-day hop on/hop off bus tour pass thingy so I will build that itinerary based on what we haven’t done the first half of the week and based on what is the most important we squeeze in on the back half. I’ve basically got a list of THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO DO and we are going to cross things out as we go and then evaluate every day starting Wednesday to decided what to do next.

If my cell service cooperates (I’ve heard mixed things about AT&T in Manhattan and cell service in general surrounded by tall buildings) I’m going to try to add to my stories as regularly as possible on Instagram. I’m also going to save them as an NYC highlight so they don’t disappear in 24 hours if you’re curious and want to go back and check them out. Once that’s active, you’ll find it on my instagram bio page.

For starters tonight we’re just going to walk around our hotel a bit and check out a few of the city park/waterfalls I read about nearby. Give us a chance to familiarize ourselves with the neighborhood we’ll be staying at for a few days and maybe have me acclimate a little to the noise. (We are staying near Times Square.)

My goal is to plan each day so that I have all of the information I need to just be PRESENT in each moment. This is – honestly – a once in a lifetime trip. I don’t want one second to pass without me filling it with gratitude and love for a husband that made up for all of the neglected/forgotten birthdays and anniversaries and Mother’s Days and Christmases with one surprise that will hold him over for the rest of our long and happy lives together.

4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Is Here!”

  1. Fall is my favorite time to visit NY and I don’t get to this year. I’m very much looking forward to living vicariously through your updates! Safe travels and have a great trip!!! <3

  2. My #1 tip………use Google maps!! You can use it on the subway or walking around. You will have an amazing trip!

  3. I’m NaBloPoMo-ing again this year, too! I have loved seeing your NYC pics on Insta. Hope the rest of your trip is amazing!

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