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Unclogging My Brain.

Donnie went to Riot Fest with his brother this weekend and left me alone to rewatch all of Schitt’s Creek from beginning to end without anyone judging me.

I mean…that’s not all I did. But that is the perk of your spouse going out of town…you don’t have to worry about them judging you when you are engaging in unproductive mindless behavior. And for the record…my husband plays video games for 5 hours at a time so obviously he wouldn’t judge me for anything I do, BUT I JUDGE MYSELF ON BEHALF OF HIM WHEN HE IS HERE.

I’ve been feeling a bit mentally congested lately as we have some big things that need to get “planned” but they’re almost too big and abstract and so my brain does this thing where it just feels clogged, like I can’t mentally conquer any task because the “To Do” pathway is cluttered with these big things that can’t yet be organized.

So…I tried to organize them and unclog my brain.

One of the things is that we really need to get started on this bathroom renovation. First of all? It was something we were going to start when we bought the house and well…that didn’t happen.

But also it’s because we’ve learned all sorts of terrible things about these bathrooms which both makes this more urgent, and more overwhelming. We have two tiny 60s era bathrooms that share a wall. The hall bathroom is the “full” and the master bath is the 3/4 and in reality, we’d like that switched. This seemed easy on paper to two people who have never renovated bathrooms before.

The problem that made this renovation urgent is that they share a wall because they share old-school galvanized plumbing and to fix the shower in the full-bathroom (it’s having major issues) we basically have to remove the entire wall which there’s no point in doing until we’re ready for the full renovation…which needs to be now if we want the shower fixed.

The problem that has made this overwhelming is evidently this 60’s era tile is a pain in the ass to demo. The chunks are heavy and concreted in and no one really WANTS to do it so until we’re ready to really gut EVERYTHING. So when we click “go” we need to know exactly what we want.


But, what we have decided is the easiest way to make our master bath a full bathroom is to reclaim a hall closet to add to the bathroom space. SO! I started there this weekend. I made that the “first step” of the process and decided to start figuring out how to empty that closet. If you’ll recall, we moved from a 4,000 square foot house to a 1,500 square foot house so EVERY INCH IS BEING USED. Trying to clear out a hall closet is not easy when there is no clear storage space anywhere. BUT! This gave me a small step to take that could be broken down into other small steps so that the “BATHROOM RENOVATION” project didn’t seem so overwhelming and I was able to unclog some of my brain.

The next thing is the backyard which is like this amalgous “DO THE BACKYARD” project that involves everything from figuring out what to plant wear, to coming up with a fence/boundary system for the dog to quit fighting with the neighbor’s dog, and to plan seating areas and fire pits. BUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO START ON ANY OF THIS BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. But I sat down and did my best this weekend and started with the basic idea we have for the back fence and broke that down into a few “To-Do” items that unclogged my brain even more.

By the end of the weekend I finally felt like the normal thoughts were flowing through my head again. I had broken down some of these overwhelming projects enough to get some productive action items set up in order to unclog my brain which makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Anyone else have this problem or am I the only one?

4 thoughts on “Unclogging My Brain.”

  1. Definitely not just you! If I get overwhelmed by a task or list I generally will just put it away and focus on something I can do. It’s a horrible procrastination tendency which has really bitten me a few times. And I always feel better after I do the original thing and it’s usually never worth putting it off…but I do anyway. Ugh.

    Side note – when does Schitt’s Creek get good? I am on S1:E8 (I think) and so far it’s not something I love, even though there have been some funny moments.

  2. Not just you! We are facing a bathroom and all the floors in the house and a few other things and my brain cannot wrap around it. I decided to start with decluttering one closet. Now I am making a Project: Decluttering page in my journal and trying to make it miles long so I get to check off a lot of things every day and so I am not feeling so overwhelmed and stuck. I have always struggled from being overwhelmed with the big picture.

  3. You are for sure not the only one! So funny, because just yesterday I noticed that I was feeling that exact “clogged” feeling you describe. I knew it was because there were items on the “Bigger Projects” to do list (you know, as opposed to the “Wash the dishes, make the bed, clean the bathroom” to do list) that I had been procrastinating. I knew this was giving me some underlying anxiety. So, I made a decision this entire week will be devoted to clearing those things off the list, once and for all. I flipped in my book to look at that list AND HALF OF THEM WERE ALREADY DONE!! Hahaha! I have been all stressed for almost nothing. So…that was eye opening!
    Good luck with your projects. Excellent idea to just START somewhere, then break it down to small, do-able steps. My exact plan for this week!

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