I moved!

Sorry I’ve been a little absent lately. I’ve been moving this monstrosity of a blog. It has been hosted on a managed WordPress site at GoDaddy for a long time but they’re raising prices and giving me less and so I had to move since I have never once monetized this blog (remember I have a venmo at misszoot if you ever want to donate to hosting costs) and so it’s very hard to justify an INCREASE in cost on something that I do solely for personal benefit.

Now I’m at Bluehost and so far they’ve been lovely! I’m not certain everything has propagated yet so you may have to clear your cache to make sure you’re seeing me from the right place. I actually had trouble posting this morning because when I logged in I was coming fast from BlueHost but every time the post tried to save it was trying (and failing) to access GoDaddy so I’m not even sure this is going to make it out into the real world!

Once I know for sure everything is working I’ll post something “real” and I’ll probably change the design just so I can always be sure I know where I’m coming from 🙂

Thanks for your patience. Sorry for the unplanned chaos.

5 thoughts on “I moved!”

  1. I sure wish there was some concrete way *I* could always know where I’m coming from! Lol! Congrats on making the move…if you are like me that was very anxiety provoking!

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