Good riddance, Summer.

I feel like I’ve written 100 times about beginnings and how powerful they are for me. There’s the obvious ones…the start of new years, new weeks, new months…then there’s new training programs, new books, new TV series’. I just love beginnings of any sort…whether it’s an item of entertainment, the start of a new project, or a beginning on a calendar. And today is one of my favorite kinds…the first day of school. And it’s even more anticipated this year than any other year before.


Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad but this summer definitely did NOT go as planned. Wesley’s broken arm wiped out swim season, basketball camps, and even the overnight summer camp he was SO excited about. I spent a lot of the summer sleeping on the floor of his room and answering his beck and call as he recovered, so I have been too exhausted to really focus on anything outside of the standard survival needs. I haven’t run in weeks, I abandoned almost all yoga except for the Sunday beer class Donnie and I do, and I was feeding my body with quick and easy comfort foods which tends to lower my energy level even on my best days.

BUT! Wes got a new removable cast that he’s (hopefully) only in for a few more weeks but GREATLY improves his mobility and ability to care for himself. He doesn’t have to take baths in swimsuits anymore while I wash his hair for him! FREEDOM!

We also spent the last week of summer in the mountains of North Carolina where we road bikes, hiked, tubed, shopped, and just spent good time together. Eliah even took off work and joined us for a few days.

All of this is to say that I am VERY GLAD summer is over. I didn’t get anything done this summer that I wanted to. I think I only read 7 books, 4 of those were last week on vacation. I didn’t make any progress on my endurance or yoga, I didn’t complete any household projects, and I didn’t write anything on any of my books. I still haven’t even finished the new season of Veronica Mars! BUT I KEPT EVERYONE KINDA HAPPY AND KINDA HEALTHY! So it’s a win.

Today we get back to the school-year grind which gives me 6-7 hours 5 days a week to do “me” stuff. Write any of my books, work on the back yard, conquer some organizational challenges in our home and keep my kids on track for the year. I’m want to get into a routine where I allocate certain hours a day for paperwork, housework, yardwork, and writing. My brain is best for writing in the mornings so I’m happy to get back on a blogging routine to dust the cobwebs off that part of my brain. I’m also hoping do Yoga every few days over the next few weeks if for no other reason but to try to loosen up my piriformis which has been bothering me for WEEKS. I had a great class yesterday where the teacher guided us to pay attention to our hips in the Warrior 1 position and when I shifted how she told me to it was like…EUREKA! My piriformis was getting ALL THE STRETCHING.

I’m looking forward to getting back on track with a normal schedule. I’m looking forward to Wesley getting a lot of his independence back. I’m looking forward to running/walking/yoga and maybe trying to focus on fueling my body a little better. I’m looking forward to the school year because summer nearly killed me.

Thanks for being patient with me this summer. Your reward is this picture of me after my family took a break to play in a creek riding the Virginia Creeper trail and I was like, “I FOUND GOOD LIGHTING! I WILL TAKE A BUNCH OF SELFIES WHILE YOU ALL CONTINUE YOUR BIKE RIDE!”

My family just loves me so much.

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