My First Democratic Primary Commentary.

Now that the primary debates have started I’ve allowed myself to gently dip my toe into talking about the Democrats running for President right now. And while I’m pretty solidly backing Elizabeth Warren for a lot of very deliberate and well-researched reasons, we have a few contenders I also could support and campaign for very easily: Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, and Julián Castro. In the end, I’ll vote for whomever is running against Trump, but these are the people I can easily support.

What I want to discuss today is how little I care about trying to win over Trump voters. I mean, when I come across a Trump supporter I have no problem loving them and treating them with kindness and if political issues come up, I will stand my ground as opposing their guy. But I’m not going to waste my breath trying to win them over to ditch their guy this time and vote for whomever we choose. Instead I have several other goals…First and foremost: I want to make sure all of the Hillary voters show up for whomever we nominate. Then I want to focus on the people who didn’t vote in the last election and third party voters. If we can get all of those people to show up for the Democrat? The Trump voters don’t have to be swayed.

Here’s the thing…he’s been on a run flaunting his cruel and bigoted views on Twitter this last week and while all of the Trump supporters I know can easily ignore him on Twitter…I CAN NOT. This is the mouthpiece he chooses to use the most often, this is the voice he sends into the world from the head of our government, we can not ignore these messages because not only are they continuing to present us to the world in a way I don’t approve, he is creating more and more acceptance for everyone else in this country who has been previously hiding their bigotry. He’s making it okay to say the quiet stuff out loud.

Maybe I just know too many Trump supporters and know there’s no way they’re going to vote against him. Maybe I just don’t want to change our messages to accommodate people who can so easily ignore their guy’s bigotry and cruelty. Maybe I worry that those people can easily ignore his tweets because deep down they agree with them. Maybe I think that we need to change the world that created the Trump supporters, not pander to them.

Maybe it’s all of the above.

Either way, I don’t care to read any think pieces or hear any debates about which candidate will be most likely to win over a Trump voter. Honestly? When I heard that about ANY of the candidates it is a mark against them. What is it about them that would win him over? Either it’s because they’re not a woman or a person of color or it is because they are possibly friendly to some of Trump’s big agendas and I don’t like EITHER of those ideas.

So I guess that my first official stance I’m taking of this election cycle: I do not care which candidate is most likely to win over a Trump voter.

Can I put that on a bumper sticker?

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