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  • Wesley is in his second cast. We thought the second cast would give him more range of motion and more freedom of activity, but we did not get that. We just got a new version of the same thing but NEXT TIME! Next time they PROMISE…a velcro removable cast. Which we will get exactly 3 days before we leave for summer vacation. Considering this kid missed 75% of his swim season, his basketball camp, and his overnight summer camp, getting to (hopefully) enjoy a mostly-normal summer vacation in the mountains of North Carolina would be REALLY NICE.
  • I’m finding myself reflecting a lot on family and my childhood and I started trying to write letters to people who have touched my life in some way and it has put me in a really weird headspace where I’ll just be sobbing for no obvious reason as part of my brain is reflecting on what I’ll write to people. It’s weird. My family is concerned. Who am I kidding, my family is ALWAYS concerned about something related to my emotional fragility. They joke that we could be stars if we started a YouTube channel dedicated entirely to filming me to see if I’d cry over certain things. SPOILER ALERT: I would cry over EVERYTHING.
  • I took Nikki to a small bar to watch the final World Cup game on Sunday and it was her first time A) in a group setting watching sports and B) in an actual bar and she found the whole thing fascinating. I warned her going in that I had no idea what to expect from the crowd, it being 10am on a Sunday morning but if she felt at ALL uncomfortable we would leave and find someplace else to watch. She ended up asking tons of questions about how tabs work (she kept hearing people should their names when ordering drinks) and about weird mixed drinks she was seeing (she only ever sees us drink beer) and she LOVED that there was just a giant water serving station you could help yourself to. It’s funny as adults what we take for granted that our kids find fascinating.
  • I’m sleeping a tad bit better this week, I’m really trying to adjust my pre-bedtime ritual to be more calming and less, “Reading the social internet and being enraged,” which is fun in the moment but not fun when I’m still up at 2am angry that people do not understand the nuanced conversations necessary when we discuss the cost of higher education. IT IS NOT JUST “FREE COLLEGE” and “UNMITIGATED TUITION INCREASES INTO ETERNITY”. THERE ARE MANY OTHER PLACES IN BETWEEN.
  • I am enjoying the game Wizards Unite which has prompted a re-watch of the Harry Potter movies and a re-read of the Harry Potter books all in anticipation of our NYC trip where I’ll be seeing Cursed Child and I just love being in that universe again in WHATEVER FORM I CAN FIND.
  • I bought some makeup online this week. I know you come here from the cosmetic advice so I wanted to let you know I’ll be starting my makeup channel any day now on YouTube because that’s what the gurus are missing in that industry, a 40-something newb.
  • I have poison ivy on my kneecap. It’s a terrible place to be itchy.

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  1. Tell Nyoka that I didn’t learn anything about tabs until 2 days ago. Went to Rocket Republic to hear a friend’s son play music and visit with one of my nephews who pours there (one of his brothers is a brewer there as well). I grew up going into taverns and small bars with my dad, but never noticed anything about how people ordered/payed for anything then. I really liked RR and hope to go back again.

    OH, and the crying. I’ve been doing a lot of it lately, too. Mostly while reading a book, but a few other times, too. I saw an ad for a way to make pawprints without getting ink on your pet’s paws…. made me think of the vets who give cards with prints on them to folks whose pets have been euthanized, which made me think of my dog Rory, which had me sobbing again over missing her (it’s been 2 1/2 years).

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