A Little Update, And An Exhausted Discussion Of Religious Doctrine

Hi! Remember me? I’m still sleeping on the floor of my kid’s room every night. I have a few foam camping pads which surprisingly makes it almost comfy, but it’s still only twin-sized and in a room without a ceiling fan so it’s far enough from my “norm” that I’m not sleeping well at all. Decent is about as best as I can describe it. Especially considering the kid with the broken arm calls out periodically for help repositioning, or for pain meds, which I usually can’t give him because we’re on a very spread out schedule trying to make them last as long as possible.

(We have 24-hours worth left. Pray for us.)

Overall we are definitely trend on the better side of the graph every day, but we definitely have bad chunks of time where we’re surviving between pain meds or we’ve pushed ourselves too hard, or we’re just tired and frustrated. I try to get hime out of the house at least once a day but yesterday I timed it poorly with the pain meds (in my defense, it was not my schedule, we had to pick up his sister) and he was NOT ENJOYING IT AT ALL. But he felt better later and we braved a walk around our block to play the new Wizards Unite game. (ARE YOU PLAYING? HERE IS MY FRIEND CODE: 515607324034.) Turns out he’s pretty decent at casting spells with his left hand!

We’re hanging in there.

Unrelated though, I have a serious question about some general religious doctrines in various Christian churches. I know the last few years many Christian churches have taken official stands pro/anti “Gay is a Sin” type of teachings. I have watched people struggle with these changes or these decisions. Just today FB showed me a comment a friend left on a public posting where a sect of their religion was leaning towards “Being Gay Is Not A Sin” and my friend was posing a question that seemed to be like they did not like this shift. (Something I did not know about this friend and it made me sad, I’ll be honest.)

But it got me thinking…what is the harm in erring on the side of “Not a Sin” in that debate? Like…seriously…whether your a Fundamentalist Christian or a Roman Catholic, if you decide to take a chance and just believe it is NOT a sin, what would be the harm? Do people fear damnation with that stance? I mean, I see people REALLY struggling with this…like they want theology and biblical teaching to 100% support the “IT IS NOT A SIN” stance before they’ll brave taking it, but why? What is the harm? Let’s say in the end it actually IS a sin, what do these people think would happen to them for choosing instead to embrace gay members of their church? Do they think they’ll go to hell if they believe the wrong thing?

I just really have a hard time understand why you stay committed to Faith in a God that would send you to hell for committing to the belief that: Loving Someone, No Matter Their Gender, Is Beautiful And Not A Sin.

I have watched people struggle with this for years and every time I just find myself asking, “What is the harm? Just err on the side of loving love because why have Faith in a God that would damn you for that?” I mean, I get why they wouldn’t risk being gay, god forbid, but what is the harm in risking believing that being gay is not a sin?

I don’t try to understand the people who never waver from “HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN” – they are too far outside my personal experience to ever really understand that. But as someone who used to love a church, I understand the desire to stay committed and to want to be a part of the change to shape it into a loving entity worth loyalty. What I struggle with is why you wouldn’t just lean into love because – what is the risk?

I’m also really tired and it’s PRIDE month and so everyone is posting/talking about LGBTQIA+ issues and people, and so my exhausted brain is finding this a very important thing to be thinking about now which I’m certain won’t be the case when I get caught up on sleep some time this Fall.

4 thoughts on “A Little Update, And An Exhausted Discussion Of Religious Doctrine”

  1. Glad that Wes is coming along. Sleeping on the floor is no fun. Do you have an extra twin mattress you could pop on the floor, or maybe a beach lounger?
    I am a Christian. That being said, I believe in LOVE! Fortunately, my church does as well. I’m not sure how other “Christians” can call themselves that if what they believe in is hate.
    My stepson and his husband are so much in love and so happy and devoted to each other, how can that be wrong?

  2. I know that pain meds are very tightly controlled these days, but it might be worth contacting his dr and saying, “his pain is still not at all well controlled right now and we are out of meds today. What do you recommend?” And do it TODAY (Friday) before the weekend.

    I was chided by my orthopedic surgeon for trying to gut out some extreme post-surgery pain after I ran out of pain meds (which I don’t even like taking because they make me throw up so I have to take anti-nausea meds too and then I am super sleepy). Even 3 more days of meds, an extremely small quantity and clearly not drug-seeking, might be helpful to get through the weekend and then re-evaluate.

  3. On the Christian thing… when I was more fundamentalist (I grew up on the fund. end of the evangelical spectrum) my fear was not that I’d go to hell for being wrong about it, but that by not “challenging” people and “helping” them to see their sin, that I’d be partly responsible for *them* not repenting and *them* going to hell. That was super scary and I didn’t want ANYONE to go to hell, so even though I didn’t like it at all I felt obligated to “tell the truth in love”.

    I’ve come a long way. But honestly, that’s what I was taught, and if you really believe you could be letting someone suffer for eternity just because you want them to feel better for a few years now, it’s reasonable (in that frame of mind) to care a great deal about getting it “right”.

  4. Is it possible to give him Alleve? It is what I’ve used for kidney stone pain and after coming off of pain meds. Good luck! Also, I think people want to judge and control others and fundamentalist views help them achieve that. For example, if people were really Pro-Life, we wouldn’t have children in camps without SOAP. You can’t change their minds and you are better off without them around. Sorry–I’m super angry.

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