The swim meet concessions were a success! Well, except for that one cooler which I filled with ice and water bottles while it was IN my car and when I got to the pool I couldn’t get it out and had to recruit two lifeguards to help while apologizing, “I am SOOOO sorry! I’ll wait until I get here to put the ice in next time!”

But other than that? EASY BREEZY!

Oh, and Wesley came in first a few times too, but that’s not what matters, right? It’s all about the concessions! But seriously – assuming he didn’t get DQ’d in anything, he should get several blue ribbons this morning which is HUGE since last season he wasn’t even legal in two of the strokes.

Concessions are a weird beast to manage because there is just no predicting snack trends because most of the kids want what they see other kids eating so really what sells best is whatever the first few kids buy of the night. Because then they’re all, “RING POPS! I WANT A RING POP!” We sold almost half of our box of those things last night when last year, swimming against teams 4 times the size, we barely sold the box after THREE WHOLE MEETS.

Anyway, by the time I got everything broken down and loaded into my car, it was almost 9:30pm. I got home, had a couple of hard seltzers chatting about my night with Nikki while waiting for Wes to get home from the celebratory gathering at Burger King, and finally fell asleep around 11pm. AND THEN SUCCESSFULLY WOKE UP WITHOUT AN ALARM AT 4 AM!

Where is my blue ribbon?

Granted, I still have a care full of concessions that I didn’t feel like unloading last night so it’s not like I was winning ALL of the awards or anything. And now I have to take myself to boot camp with boxes of skittles and sour patch kids and airheads sitting in the back seat…that ought to make sense to all of the other participants there to work out this morning.

Speaking of things I deserve ribbons for…our dishwasher started leaking this week so I have had to hand-wash dishes for four days AND I HAVE NOT RESORTED TO BUYING DISPOSABLE PLATES AND SILVERWARE YET. I am very proud of myself. It is hard, though. Target even has a bunch of that stuff on clearance right now so I could totally do it but NO. I haven’t given in. YET. I’m not making any promises but there is a voice inside my head that reminds myself I lived without a dishwasher as an adult with a child for 5 years (Not to mention not having one at all in my childhood) so I can probably make it until we investigate the leak in ours.

Anyway…I’m off to the rest of my day. Our next home meet is next week and it should be a little easier as I kinda figured out a (mostly) good groove this time. Thanks for commiserating with me yesterday. I’m glad I’m not the only one with high levels of anxiety as it relates to low-stress situations!

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