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It takes a lot to make me put back on a bra after I’ve taken it off for the day.

(This is the kind of title that make my kid’s really hate this hobby.)


Last night something weird happened. My daughter asked to go for a walk (which isn’t the weird thing since we started half-marathon training) and my first response was, “It’s 7:30! I already took my bra off!” (which also isn’t the weird thing, I always get ready for bed that early.) The weird thing was that 5 minutes later I exclaimed, “FINE! I’LL GO!” and I put a bra BACK ON and put on my tennis shoes and we went for a 2-mile walk around the neighborhood.

I’m often talking about the unexpected perks that came with downsizing and relocating to a neighborhood within walking distance of downtown. But one of the more interesting changes is that we simply walk more just within the neighborhood.

Obvious we walk and ride our bikes to stuff downtown because the cool stuff is so close. But if you stay within the confines of our neighborhood there’s no reason to expect we would walk more here than any of the other neighborhoods we’ve lived before. I mean, my current neighborhood is older and has a weird market value where sometimes people buy house just to tear them down and build giant ones on the plot. This does make for more interesting sight-seeing when it’s: Brick rancher, brick rancher, brick rancher, GIANT 3-STORY CRAFTSMAN, brick rancher, brick rancher. But our last neighborhood was older and established before the days of EVERY HOUSE LOOKS THE SAME design so I don’t think that’s it.

The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that it’s because we see people we know in this neighborhood…people we know because we spend time doing things in the neighborhood. We joined the pool, we go to block parties, we participate in neighborhood bike rides, there’s a neighborhood book club I’ve gone to, Wesley goes to the neighborhood school. Sometimes about doing things IN your neighborhood simply makes you want to do MORE in your neighborhood so it’s a self-perpetuating cycle that I didn’t intend to jump into but I AM SO GLAD I DID.

We didn’t look into “neighborhood activities” when we moved here. We never lived in a neighborhood that had “events” before so it never occurred to us to be something to value, BUT WE ARE SO GLAD THIS NEIGHBORHOOD DOES STUFF. And then, when we do venture out of our neighborhood and downtown for things like the Farmer’s Market, we run into people from our neighborhood because EVERYONE HERE ALSO LOVES SUPPORTING DOWNTOWN ACTIVITIES.

It’s just been so great in so many unexpected ways. Including the motivation to put a bra back on AFTER I HAVE TAKEN IT OFF FOR THE DAY, just to walk around the neighborhood. I didn’t know anything had that kind of power over my desire to be comfy and ready to bed at 6pm every night.

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