Zoomie had a a few injuries to his feet lately and ended up tearing his dewclaw which then got infected. He had to be treated at the vet and he was sent home with steroids which make him drink a lot which means he pees a lot and OH MY GOD I AM SO READY FOR HIM TO BE DONE WITH THESE STEROIDS SO I CAN SLEEP AND ALSO QUIT CLEANING UP PEE FROM EVERY SURFACE IMAGINABLE.

Not only can I not leave the house for more than an hour at a time – and even then there’s a risk for an accident – but he’s waking up constantly throughout the night. And even waking up constantly, there’s still accidents. THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY ACCIDENTS. I already have really been struggling with sleep these last several weeks (I know, I know, I need to see my doctor) but this has magnified it and at 2am I heard his collar jingle and I rushed to let him out only to find he had already had an accident all over the couch. So, I had to deal with that which meant “going back to sleep” was no longer an option as I was wide awake.

I have discovered a weird tick I have that has really come in handy. I’ve always counted seconds as Zoomie pees when I take him out. I have no idea why, I think there’s a part of me just logging how much he pees, but it means I can REALLY tell the difference from this medicine. HE PEED FOR 52 SECONDS THIS MORNING, Y’ALL!! How is that even possible? Wouldn’t that indicate more urine than his body can hold?

I’ve tried to take naps during the day to no avail. There’s just too much noise and I have too many voices inside of my head keeping me awake and he still needs to go out like every hour and when you are this tired you need at LEAST a 3 hour nap to feel better.

Today his medicine gets reduced so HOPEFULLY the end is in sight. Three more days of the medicine total, now at half the dosage of the last 4 days. It is well documented how exhaustion does not look good on me…I respond to life using every fleeting emotion with the intensity of 1,000 suns…I can’t focus on any tasks…except eating. The more tired I am, the worse I feed myself because my misery causes me to seek out every type of comfort food that exists which leads to upset tummies and headaches.


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  1. Can you limit his liquids a little? My sister has a dog that drinks water when she’s bored and then sometimes pees herself when she’s sleeping. So she puts water down at specific time to limit the amount she is taking in.

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