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Why nothing gets truly spoiled for me.

I’ve never had anything spoiled for me…EVER…in all of the history of the internet and my pop-culture enjoyment. Except for that one time an Ex of mine told me “everyone’s dead” when I mentioned I still hadn’t seen Sixth Sense, but that’s a specific case of someone being a jerk and not someone accidentally having a movie ruined for them based on someone else’s internet activity.

And I mean – I have never been LITERALLY spoiled. Yes, I’ve stumbled upon “spoilers” but if I honestly am worried about someone on the internet ruining something I’m excited about: I STAY OFF THE INTERNET.

I’ve seen every movie I care about IMMEDIATELY when it comes out. I watch important TV shows live. And if I can’t do either of those things? I STAY OFF THE INTERNET. Case and point: Every Harry Potter book EVER. I stayed off the internet until I finished the book. Period. No checking email. No checking Twitter. I even shut down my blog for the last book because I was worried someone would accidentally give something away in an excited comment. NADA. Until I was done.

Truth of the matter is though? I just don’t stress out too much about it. I’ve accidentally stumbled upon spoilers for things – even within the “no spoilers please” buffer most people put on things, and you know what? I don’t EVER shame the person because – like I said – if I truly cared? I WOULD PROTECT MYSELF.

With Avengers and Game of Thrones I’ve seen SO MANY relatively benign tweets and Facebook statuses be met with aggressive, “WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? THAT’S A SPOILER!” comments and I always want to respond back: IT IS YOUR JOB TO STAY AWAY FROM THE INTERNET IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED.

Yes, some people have to be on the internet for their jobs – I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. So you know what I did? I saw the thing IMMEDIATELY or I accepted I’d see spoilers. I never expected everyone to moderate everything for me.

ESPECIALLY NOT FOR TV SHOWS. To me? A TV show is like a sporting event. If you don’t watch it live then the job falls on you to protect yourself. Yes, most people stream but lots of people make the effort to watch it live and I don’t want to squash their excitement by demanding that not talk about it until I get a chance to stream it. Movies are a little different because they “open” on a weekend and most people schedule some time in the weekend to see it so if you’re going on Sunday and someone posts who dies on Saturday, I can see you getting pissed and I wouldn’t shame you.

But if someone just posts a benign reviews discussing character development or action sequences and you rage on them? I HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR THAT.

I just think we’ve “NO SPOILERS!”-ed ourselves so much that we’ve dampened everyone’s excitement and what is the point of being a fan if you can’t post: “OMG AVENGERS WAS SO GOOD I FEEL SO SATISFIED!!!” without someone coming along and saying, “That’s kinda spoiler-y, thanks.”

I mean, obviously people who post SPECIFIC spoilers within one week of something being released are dicks. Full Stop. And I don’t mind people telling them that. BUT! I still say the onus is on the person not wanting to be spoiled to avoid it all or see it early. If I can’t do that? I wouldn’t even be mad at someone telling me the specific ending because that’s what happens when you don’t go opening weekend.

Of course, I’m also the person who sometimes SEEKS OUT spoilers to make sure I’m not about to invest my time on something that won’t have a payoff in the end. I was invested in a budding relationship during the first season of a show on TV one time and then it looked like the show was going to jeopardize it so I stopped watching the show. Then recently I caught a headline that said the character’s are engaged now! Season 3! So now I might go back and watch it because it means it won’t be in vain.

I also sometimes read the last few pages of books if I worry something bad might happen to a character. Listen…life is too short to invest time in a book where a death at the end ruins it for me.

So if I can’t see something when it first comes out, I don’t care if I run into spoilers on the internet. My damn fault for exposing myself. And sometimes? I want to see them anyway so then it REALLY won’t bother me.

But for the sake of those who hate spoilers: I loved Avengers. Five Stars. The End.

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