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My Very Specific Phone Issues.

There are several things that keep getting pushed from one “To Do” list to another because they require using a phone and I have weird issues with the phone. It’s not entirely consistent, like I have to call on shit for my husband all the time (he has a weird open-office environment which is not ideal for appointment making via phone) and for my kids and yet…YET…when it comes to me? I FREEZE UP.

But not with EVERYTHING, like if I need help or tech support I’m PERFECT on the phone. I love any interaction where I can take the angle, “I am coming to you because you are the expert and I need your help.” And that’s essentially how I start the conversation which ALWAYS put the other person in a good frame of mine. I’ll call for help on stuff any day of the week. That doesn’t bother me at all.

I also don’t mind chatting on the phone to friends who I don’t speak to often. Or to family. Sometimes I can chat endlessly, especially with my brother. It’s not like the act of TALKING ON THE PHONE is bad to me, like it is to some people. In general I’m more okay with it than the average person.

But if I need to make/cancel appointments? I PUT IT OFF FOR 5 MILLION YEARS. And then that compounds the problem because if I’m calling to make an appointment that is long overdue? I’m really embarrassed which makes it even harder to make the call. And one bad experience on a phone will shy me away forEVER.

I called an office once to make a precautionary medical appointment one time and the girl who answered was like, “Um…do you have a referral?” and I was like, “Uh, no, do I need one?” and she LAUGHED and said, “Yes. Your doctor needs to send you to us.”

I mean, maybe she didn’t actually laugh because that would have made her a really mean person, but TO ME SHE LAUGHED.


I also am bad about therapy appointments. I always feel guilty that I’ve gotten off the “we schedule the next appointment while you’re here last” but I’m going back to a therapist I haven’t seen in awhile. Now it’s been for “good” reasons (Half of the year was when I was traveling so much for Mom, the other half is just not prioritizing it because my mental health is better) but still…I FEEL VERY GUILTY.

Yesterday was a big day for me. I made a mammogram appointment AND an appointment for a therapy session. ON THE PHONE! I’m such a big girl. I also made the annual checkup appointment for Wesley which is ONE WHOLE YEAR OVERDUE. I normally don’t mind doing stuff like that for the kids but when it’s overdue I feel like a terrible Mom and that makes it harder.


I still have a few other things on my list that require phone calls, I have to cancel some appointments and make others, one where the office was closed yesterday and I was like, “Wait. Why is my doctor closed at 2pm on a Wednesday?” Obviously to thwart my attempts to roll with the good mojo I had from making three successful appointments!

Here’s to hoping I can do the rest today. *fingers crossed*

2 thoughts on “My Very Specific Phone Issues.”

  1. Part of my job requires making referral appointments for patients, and I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE having to tell people they need a referral. I feel so bad about it, so I do tend to try to sound lighthearted about it like it’s not a big deal, because I’m always afraid they’ll get mad at me. Ha. That’s part of my phone anxiety.

  2. OMG, I have a very similar issue. Appointments and people selling something. I can’t just say “no thank you” for some reason… I end up making up done story about how we just had our roof inspection and they said it’s good for a few more years (or whatever). For appointments, I have resorted to finding practices that allow online scheduling. Score one for technology!

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