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The Magic Power Of Crop Tops.

Easter Sunday was superb for me thanks to a perfect combination of sunshine, laughter, and crop tops.

I have been opening myself up to inspiration from women who love their bodies in radical ways and so I bought a crop top in February and finally was brave enough to wear it this month. I was very discreet about it the first time, just kinda giggling to Nikki about how proud I was of myself. But yesterday I was literally talking about my crop top to everyone who would listen. It went something like: LOOK AT ME! I AM 43 YEARS OLD AND EATING EASTER CANDY AND NOT COUNTING CALORIES OR RUNNING TO MAKE UP FOR IT AND I’M FINALLY ROCKING A CROP TOP BECAUSE I FEEL DAMN ADORABLE AND YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT ME AND AGREE WITH ME OR I AM GOING TO KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT.

Also stole my kid’s vans because THEY ARE CUTE TOO.

Wesley did tell me he thought it was weird that I was wearing a crop top and everyone tried to shame him for saying that but I totally didn’t care. “He can think it’s weird! That’s fine! Doesn’t hurt my feelings! BECAUSE I AM TOO CUTE FOR IT TO HURT MY FEELINGS! IT IS MY NEW SUPER POWER!”

Luckily Wes and I had a great morning together giggling over his new Rubik’s cube. Fun Fact: There are “speed cubes” that kids who are really into learning algorithms for completion need and the Easter Bunny did not know that and just got him a NORMAL one so Wes can still only show me the basic algorithms he knows how to do on a regular one. AND HE SHOWED ME 5000 TIMES which is what got us laughing so much because I had to finally just shut him up and be like, “WESLEY. IT IS REALLY BORING TO HEAR YOU TALK ABOUT THIS SO MUCH,” which got us both laughing so hard I almost vomited all over his bed.

And then we decided we were going to all try various configurations of piggy-back photos to make up for the lack of baby-tossing in recent years and this resulted in me having to point out to everyone that although I am rocking a crop, I’m still old and have to pee a lot so you DO NOT WANT TO MAKE ME LAUGH AND THEN TRY TO CARRY ME ON YOUR BACK OR I WILL PEE ON YOU.

This one is my FAVORITE. If you look closely you can see my foot in the background where I was quickly sneaking out of frame after CAREFULLY putting Wesley on the top of the stack o’ kids.

Anyway…it was a SUPERB Easter with family and laughter and candy and Donnie and I wrapped up the day by watching Brené Brown’s NETFLIX special together and it was Donnie’s first experience with her and he loved it and I cried the whole time. If you’ve read her books or watched her TED Talks it won’t be SHOCKING NEW INFORMATION but she’s such a great speaker and it’s so well-shot with audience reactions and it’s just lovely so I still sobbed like a baby the entire time.


I hope your Sunday was as wonderful as mine and if it wasn’t, might I suggest donning a crop top in the sunshine and then making everyone around you tell you that you look adorable? IT WORKS MIRACLES.

4 thoughts on “The Magic Power Of Crop Tops.”

  1. I follow you on Instagram and the first thing I noticed when you posted the pictures was how cute you looked in your crop top. Well, actually, I first noticed how happy you looked, and then how cute you were. I’m sorry I didn’t take a second to tell you that there.

  2. You do look adorable! A very cute outfit 🙂 And it is wonderful to see such happy photos.

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