Simple Pleasures

Sundays are our “date nights” in a sense because every week we go to Asanas & Ales for an hour of yoga and an hour (or more) of beer at our local tap room. This week the weather was nice enough that we were able to walk, which makes the time we’re gone even longer. My daughter once told me, “I fell like we’re orphans on Sundays.”

As a child of divorced parents I had to tell her that I felt no sympathy for her plight as a child with parents who actually enjoy each other’s company.

Yesterday we were about to finish our second beer when my daughter called us to ask, “Can Wesley and I switch bedrooms?”

Donnie’s first response was NO! because the initial vision he had of the scratched up floors and dented drywall was terrifying. I – on the other hand – was just thinking: Oh my god. Why did my brother and I never do that? WHAT A FUN ACTIVITY AND ADVENTURE!!

I have such weird dichotomies in my own brain sometimes. I do not like change in many ways but give me a good furniture rearrange and I’m on cloud nine for days. As a matter of fact, I think my daughter got the idea because I spent Saturday rearranging our bedroom. When I considered how fun it would be to actually SWITCH BEDROOMS as a kid, I could not believe my brother and I never did it.

Maybe we tried? And Dad’s reaction was the same as Donnie’s?

We decided to give them permission as long as they didn’t move the big dressers and left that for me. (Their beds are the same size, so they just moved bedding.) And then we stayed and had another beer because we did NOT want to go home to un-contained chaos. We told them to text us when the big stuff was done and then we’d start our walk.

It’s funny though, the kids are so excited about this Big. Huge. Change in their lives. AND I TOTALLY GET IT. I’m almost jealous that we can’t join in on the fun and switch up rooms. WHAT A FUN CHANGE!

There’s still quite a bit of chaos, but I’m proud of them and I’m proud of Donnie for allowing them against ALL OF HIS BETTER INSTINCTS. No floors were damaged (so far), the kids seem excited and happy, so as long as I can get the rest of the pieces in place in the next few days while they’re at school, I say it’s a success.

(Or at least it will be when I quit forgetting who is where and knocking on the wrong door.)

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  1. My sister and I used to switch rooms every now and then. It rarely involved moving large, heavy pieces of furniture. One room was much larger than the other so the bigger pieces of furniture fit the scale of the room it was in. We loved it and it confused our friends because in our neighborhood it was common for us kids to visit each other’s windows at night. Our stepdad used to yell about it but that was because we used to decide to do this in the middle of the night. Lol. We had fun. I’m glad your kids are getting in on the fun.

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