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How “Schitt’s Creek” Grew Into My Favorite Show.

My husband likes to watch TV while he’s doing just about anything and since we only have one TV I often get a taste of shows he’s watching. One of those was Schitt’s Creek and I 100% knew from my brief exposures that this show was RIDICULOUS and TERRIBLE and WHY WAS HE WATCHING IT?

But then – because it was on my radar – I started hearing people talking about it in real life and online and they were RAVING. People I trust and love said they were so said it was ending after 6 seasons. I thought, Woah, this show has already been on for 5 seasons? What have I been missing because it seems TERRIBLE.

I needed something to watch recently and had seen a headline about how Schitt’s Creek had some great LGTBQ+ story line or something and that had piqued my interest so I thought, Well, I’ll give it a try.

And let me tell you. I HATED IT. My husband told me, “It’s like Parks & Rec – the first seasons is not great, give it until halfway through the 2nd season and I promise you, you’ll love it.”

So, to get through the first seasons I basically fast-forwarded through every scene that didn’t have either David or Stevie in it. I HATED EVERYONE ELSE. I even told my method to twitter:

Everyone was raving about Schitt’s Creek so I decided to give it a try. I’m enjoying it, partially through Season 2, but I’ve settled into a routine of just skipping over all of the scenes that don’t include David and Stevie.

Am I doing it wrong?— Kim Zoot Holmes (@misszoot) April 2, 2019

But several people replied to say to stick with it so I did and by the season finale of Season 2 I was like, Okay…this show is cute now. But I was still fast-forwarding through a lot of the show, quite honestly. Every seen with Chris Elliot (I just struggle with the caricature he plays) and most scenes with the parents, although there’s a scene in the final episode of the second season that won me over for all of them and I’m glad I didn’t skip it.

But somewhere in Seasons 3 was where I started watching ALMOST complete episodes. Alexis was working and David had his business and it just seemed like we were watching these characters actually GROW and I started feeling very invested in their life experience. Season 3? I WAS IN.

But the final nail in my fandom coffin was Episode 8 of season 3. That was where we meet a character that helped cinch this show as being the one I think about all the time. I don’t want to give any spoilers but if you’re desperate to see adult gay relationships normalized and beautiful and swoon-worthy? THIS IS WHERE IT BEGINS. I am so invested in these characters and their love life’s now (I’m caught up with season 5 in the real world, the finale is this week) that I have GONE BACK and re-watched starting with episode 8 of season 3 so I can savor all the story-building again.

And here’s the funny thing. We’re watching season 5 on a different app and we can’t fast-forward so I’m watching FULL episodes and while I had been watching MOST of the episodes of season 4, I still skipped a lot and it’s like falling in love with the show all over again. The other night I was like, “ALEXIS IS SO FUNNY!” Donnie assured me she’s been that funny for awhile which is another reason for the re-watch. This time around (starting episode 8 of season 3) I’m watching ALL the episodes — even the scenes with Chris Elliot.

There’s a few small key hookups that are important for future relationship development that happen in season 1 and season 2 but honestly? If you want to jump in during season 3 you’d probably be FINE. I’m not sure you’ll have the emotional investment in David that I had by watching only his scenes in the first two seasons, but I think you’d be fine.

I just want everyone to get invested just for his journey, honestly. They’re all on great journeys now, and have depth and growth and it’s hilarious and beautiful but David’s journey has given me the joyful glee I’ve needed in my entertainment life to counterbalance the shit storm in the real world. I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s better than your favorite rom-com…I promise you.

2 thoughts on “How “Schitt’s Creek” Grew Into My Favorite Show.”

  1. My favorite show (and I hate Chris Elliot, too)! I couldn’t convince my husband to watch it, so talked about it with my sister. Finally, my husband jumps on the bandwagon, starting from the beginning, obviously. He often watches it in bed on his laptop (with headphones) and just laughs out loud (making me want to watch, too). I’m waiting very impatiently for him to catch up so we can watch the current season together.

  2. Ha! Totally agree! I loved Alexis from the beginning, so I did watch every scene from the beginning…but some of it was SO annoying. Most especially the Chris Elliot character. That said…I’m betting what bugs you about him is his complete oblivion to how annoying he is! haha! Can you imagine going into any situation and just doing whatever the heck you wanted and truly believing people like you anyway? Haha! Talk about the opposite of social anxiety! I know that is why that character bugs me so much…I can’t in any way related to his total oblivion. Haha! Great show!

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