We did the thing!

I can’t do a full race report because it’s storming here and my dog would like me to quit ignoring him in his hour of need, but just know we ran a half-marathon yesterday 12 minutes faster than our fastest expectations! Part of this was because my watch intervals were set a bit faster than they were supposed to be (leftover from our 10-mile race day) but part of it was also good running company and good overall status of well-being. We did it in 3:04 which earned Nikki a 2nd-place finish in her age group!

I’m going to miss our Saturday long runs together, although Nikki will not miss the early mornings on the weekends. She’s a morning person, but a morning person on HER terms. Not on the terms of a 12-week training plan for a half-marathon.

I told her, “This day will just be one of many in a foggy memory of your teen years, but to me? This will be one of those days I reflect back on constantly as one of my favorite days with you.”

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