We have an area of Monte Sano called “Sinks” that is some sort of sinkhole in a depression between the Monte Sano Plateau and Panther Knob. I don’t know the geologic history of it, but there’s a short (but steep) 1.5’ish mile trail that goes from the Biker’s Lot down into Sinks and back up to hit closed Bankhead and the overlook. Monte Sano classifies it between “more difficult” and “very difficult” and I think a lot of that has to do with the steepness. The part of trail that goes down from the biker’s lot is really well maintained though because our mountain bike community really take care of the trails they use a lot.

ANYWAY! Sinks has the weirdest bluebell bloom I have ever seen. In early Spring it’s basically the only plant down there. I’ve been on the trails since 2011 and I’ve only caught the bloom twice because it’s not really my favorite hike/run to do otherwise so I don’t always catch it. When I’m running in that area I prefer the Stone Cuts trail unless I’m specifically on a bluebell hunt.

So two weekends ago everyone posted pictures from Sinks and the bluebells and I just assumed I missed my chance to see them. But then, Saturday, Nikki an I came home from our 8-mile run and I saw that people posted pictures AGAIN from the bluebells indicating they were still in full bloom and so I didn’t hesitate, without snacking or anything I just shouted, “I’m going to photograph the bluebells!” I grabbed my trail shoes, more sunscreen, and my cameras…threw everything in the car and headed up the mountain.

I was worried the rain was coming because the skies were dark so I threw my cameras in my Kavu bag and actually ran down the mountain, surprising a bunch of hikers. I wanted to shout, “I HAVE TO GET TO THE BLUEBELLS BEFORE THE RAIN STARTS!” but I was afraid they’d think I was a homicidal maniac and push me off the mountain. It was sprinkling as I was running but as I finally made it down to Sinks the storm clouds passed and the sun came out and OH MY GOD Y’ALL. It was amazing.

I am so guilty about overthinking EVERYTHING. I have gotten more spontaneous (at least by my standards) over the years as I cope with the various crippling effects of my anxieties, but I’m still not usually the person that throws her shoes and cameras in her car and drives for the photo op.


We had rain and then the cold weather came back Saturday night so I have no idea of the bluebells are still standing but I’m am betting they’re not. I’m so glad I just followed my instincts to go bask in the magical pocket on the mountain for a bit. I’m glad I took my real cameras. I’m glad I went by myself. I’m glad I was the weirdo running down the mountain on a quest for pretty flowers.

Here’s to the moments where we don’t overthink and we stumble upon something beautiful.

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  1. Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures. My curiosity and vague memories from an earth science class I took 55 years ago, led me to look up how sinks are formed. they are naturally ocurring sinkholes that form over time. There are 3 types of sinkholes.From what I can deduce the sinks are probably a solution sinkhole, but I may be wrong. The area probably has a different soil composition and ability to retain water, thus flowers that arent found in another area.

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