Spring Break

We’re not doing much this Spring Break. We already planned our summer vacation in the mountains of North Carolina, so the budget basically allows for a quick trip to Knoxville to visit my Mom and do a few things we can’t do in Huntsville and then back home for a few small “activities” I had planned.

I hit the road yesterday after doing birthday yoga in a new place with some friends and I was happy to have chosen a hotel on the western most point of town so to cut the trip even shorter. Of course, then we ended up driving another 30 minutes East to find a place to eat unique to Knoxville so…you know…best laid plans and all…

We’re going to head downtown today. Downtown Knoxville is so funny because growing up it was NOT a nice place to hang out. I had monthly meetings in high school downtown and my Dad was always a little uneasy with that due to my tendency to wander without regard to safety. But now? I spent all last summer wandering around downtown on foot between the old World’s Fair site and UT campus and it was LOVELY. I’m sure this is a lot to blame on gentrification but it’s also part of the same trend we’re seeing in Huntsville…the collective remembering that active downtowns are AWESOME.

Nikki is excited to be able to see an Urban Outfitters IN PERSON. I’m excited to hit up one of my favorite bookstores. Wesley is excited I chose a hotel with an indoor pool. It’s just a little bit more than staycationing!

Sorry again about the weird hacked blog post yesterday. I always feel bad when your inbox gets cluttered accidentally.

I am so kinda tired from travel and disoriented from being at a hotel that I almost signed off this blog post with a, “Love to you all!” but now I’m thinking that’s not really too bad of a sign of so…

Love to you all!

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