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Have you ever experienced that thing where everyone around you is excited about something and you just don’t get it? Maybe you don’t get into sports when everyone is talking about the Superbowl. Maybe you don’t enjoy superhero movies and everyone is talking about Avengers. Maybe everyone loves donuts and you prefer bagels. (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?)

Or what if you are actually dreading the same thing they’re excited about?

THAT IS ME AND THE TIME CHANGE ON SUNDAY. I mean, no one loves LOSING an actual hour but everyone I know is excited about a later sunrise. ESPECIALLY EVERYONE IN MY HOUSE.

Listen. Today I got up before 4am and set the coffee brewing and started my morning routine. This is a natural wake-up time for me. Some days I’ll sleep later but I rarely sleep past 5am on a weekday. AND THIS IS ALL WITHOUT AN ALARM. To say I’m naturally a morning person is an extreme understatement. I am the most morningist of all morning people.

Today? The sun rises at 6:08am. That means I’m not up much more than an hour most days before I see my first shimmer of daylight. THIS MAKES ME VERY HAPPY. Because while I start my day early, I feel like I’m very alone in being awake until the sun comes up. I have to be really quiet and can’t do noisy chores. I feel like I can’t take out the recycling or wheel my garbage to the street. I can’t talk to my dog in the yard or listen to one of my podcasts on the Alexa speaker in the kitchen. I feel like I have to tiptoe around until the sun rises and then…when the sun comes up I’m like, “THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE! LET’S PLAY!”

Do you know when the sun rises on Monday? 7:08am! I will have already taken Nikki to the bus and Donnie to work before the sun comes up on Monday. I’ll be up for SO LONG before the sun! That’s not fair!

And I know everyone else is excited because it won’t be getting dark early, BUT I GO TO BED EARLY AND I LIKE IT DARK WHEN I GO TO BED!

Also – I love how everyone hates daylight savings time in the Fall when it sets back but now? Everyone LOVES it because it makes it still bright and sunny after work! BUT WHAT ABOUT BEFORE WORK? I WANT IT BRIGHT AND SUNNY OVER BREAKFAST!

If we didn’t change time for Daylight Savings I’d have sunrises at 4:30am in June. And also? Without DST any changes in the length of the day and matching changes to sunrise and sunset are more gradual so it wouldn’t be so alarming to suddenly be like, “WAIT. YESTERDAY THERE WAS SUN RIGHT NOW AND TODAY THERE IS NOT.”

I know. I know. Everyone loves sun at night and hates it in the morning. BUT I DO NOT. I want a 4am sunrise and a 7pm sunset. Is that too much to ask?

If you need me I’ll be leaving Angry Face responses to every Facebook post excited about the time change on Sunday. DISLIKE!

6 thoughts on “DISLIKE!”

  1. I’m with you, but for different reasons. Being very much NOT a morning person, I struggle enough at 6:30am now. When 6:30am starts feeling like 5:30am this weekend, I’ll really be struggling. 🙂

  2. I HATE HATE HATE daylight saving. And I DO NOT get it. We are not gaining an hour of daylight. We’re just shifting time!! Like you said–it will now be pitch pitch pitch black when I wake up. And like your previous poster said, it’s hard enough getting up in the morning, but now I’ve got to wake up even earlier? Ugh. Dreading it. I don’t understand why we’re still doing it. Does it really save energy? Anyway, I’m with you. Angry face all the way!

  3. Hate this change. Hate it.

    I’m an early riser too and want my sunshine. My kids (3 and 6.5) are a nightmare to get out of bed on the best morning and this makes it pure torture. They also already go to bed too late and will battle even harder now. Plus now they’ll want to play in the yard at night and it’s cold and I’ve got dinner to make and homework to manage and basically ugh ugh ugh I feel your pain on this one.

  4. I’m kind of neutral on this, but leaning toward the “I like it” side. I get off of work at 4, and am usually in bed by 9. I really like having daylight after work. I tend to get up pretty early, and I also like it when the sun is up when I’m up, and driving to work in light rather than darkness. So basically, when I’m up I want the sun up and when I’m asleep I want it as dark as humanly possible! When I was stationed on Coast Guard ships, I was one of the anomalies who really loved standing the watch from 4am-8am, so I usually volunteered for that. I loved getting up when everything was dark and sleepy, and feeling like a protector while the rest of the crew was asleep. And when I started lagging in the middle of the watch, I started smelling glorious smells of coffee and bacon, and I always got to watch the sunrise over the water! And I got to make gleeful announcements at reveille and wake everyone else up and get them annoyed at my chipper morning personness. 🙂 Now, double 4-8s? Those were the WORST. Wake up before everyone and stand four hours of watch, work a full day, and then stand the afternoon watch from 4-8pm and try to get some sleep before doing it all over again. Ugh, so I happy I never have to do that again!

  5. I’m night blind, so DST works out a heck of a lot more for me than standard time. I hate having to be home by 4:30 during winter, just to make sure I have enough light to see by. At least with the time change, I won’t feel like a 10 year old having to rush home before the boogie men come out…

  6. The positive for meis that my cat and dogs judge breakfast time by when the sun comes up- So it will be later, I can and do go back to bed after they are fed, I am a night owl and retired- I sleep in

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