I’m giving up bras for Lent.

I love Lent. I sometimes worry that this falls in the realm of “cultural appropriation” but I spent 20+ years observing Lent as a dedicated Catholic, I think I earned to right to keep observing it simply as a way to better myself along with other people who are trying to do the same. They’re doing it to prepare their spirit for the salvation of Jesus while I’m just trying to shake up my own spiritual and physical stagnation, but it feels good to all be doing it TOGETHER. There’s just a great energy around Lent when people are focused on challenging themselves for some sort of greater good.


I was working on my Secular Lent page in my bullet journal last night. I posted an “in progress” type of photo on my IG story and then woke up with several variations of, “Are you giving up wearing bras for Lent? I WANT TO DO THAT TOO!”

I have terrible handwriting.

While I wish it said “No Bra” it actually says “No Beer” which is going to be substantially harder.

ALTHOUGH! I did give up wearing underwires several years ago and I no longer hate bras so much so…you know…there’s that tidbit for you! Look! I am capable of talking about my boob-related subjects NOT dealing with boobsweat! I am such an adult!

(It’s moments like this where I think, “This is the day my kids tell me I have to stop blogging.“)


I’m not doing hardcore 100% additions or 100% subtractions because – as any good observer of Lent knows – once you falter you throw the entire season out the window. Instead I’m treating Lent like I do any regular monthly challenge. Points for any day I succeed but the goal is simply to TRY every day. I also gave myself a variety of challenges to increase my chances that at least every day I’m doing SOMETHING better.

Also? I cheated and added two things I’ve already built into my daily habits the last two weeks: Morning Yoga and Daily Journaling. Listen. I don’t want to have any days with ZERO filled in successes, so I made sure to add a couple of things I do 99% of the time for those rough days.

Here’s to challenging myself in ways that reignite spiritual and physical dedication! And here’s to only wearing comfy bras!

2 thoughts on “I’m giving up bras for Lent.”

  1. Also a lapsed Catholic. Also do Lent. Love that the timing works well for cutting out chocolate for when I will be wearing less clothes! (Yes I know that misses the true meaning of Lent!)

  2. I’ve never been Catholic, but lots of people where I grew up (Selma) practice(d) Lent. It didn’t seem to have much religious meaning for most people – more like giving up chocolate or beer or carbs to try to lose weight. The public schools always served fish for lunch on Fridays too. I’ve often thought it would be interesting to research why or how all that came to be, and if it’s just Selma or not.

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