I’m not good with people first thing in the morning.

Oh, man. I’ve really enjoyed my new morning routine these last two weeks. I don’t even think about it anymore. I get up, I push “brew” on the coffee pot, I put my yoga mat on the kitchen floor and do some yoga until the coffee is done brewing. Then I make a cup of coffee and journal a bit before looking at any screens and it has been SUCH A LOVELY WAY to start every single day!

Until today. Two things were different: 1) I slept a little later than normal (4:45am) and 2) Donnie decided to do a very short run before work to test out a heal injury that has been healing for the last two weeks. So while I was doing my yoga Nikki got up to wait for the coffee to finish brewing and Donnie was up and about getting ready for his run.


It didn’t occur to me that I’ve had quiet time in the morning because Donnie hasn’t been running the last two weeks. It also didn’t occur to me that people in my house sometimes start moving around by 5am so if I want my time to be ALONE time, I need to consistently wake up before 4:30am OR EARLIER depending on if Donnie has to run.

And suddenly my extended morning routine does not seem as fun.

Of course several times in the last two weeks I’ve woken up before 4am for the day so – let’s be honest – it’s not that big of a deal. I just don’t LIKE waking up that early and if I’m up that early it’s because my brain won’t shut off getting ready for the day. I don’t want to PLAN on that early of a wakeup! I’d like to sleep a little later, like a normal person.

ANYWAY! It was nice being able to do some of my morning routine in my bedroom where my sacred place was. But I would still rather get my yoga, my journaling, my first cup of coffee, and my blog post in BEFORE having to interact with any other humans in my family. I may have to just start getting up earlier on the days Donnie has to run so that I don’t start my day off grumpy with him for…you know…DARING TO EXIST.

2 thoughts on “I’m not good with people first thing in the morning.”

  1. I hear you. I like time in the morning to myself too. In fact my need do space is increasing the older I get and I wonder now, if I very could be a mom as I’m so used to not sharing my time with anybody else apart from my husband, colleagues, student etc. My creativity and time to do that is increasingly becoming important to me too maybe because I don’t have kids ?

  2. This post just changed my life. We’ve lived in our house 3.5 years and I’ve always complained there isn’t enough space for yoga. I can sort of make it work in one room but it’s still very small and certain moves/poses just don’t work.

    Why did I never think of the kitchen?! Our big, open kitchen!! You’re a genius.

    I feel you on the routine change. I’m not great at sharing my time/space with people in the mornings either.

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