Reviewing The Anthropocene Reviewed

One of my favorite podcasts currently is the Anthropocene Reviewed and yesterday I finally listened to this month’s episode. I have been in a weird funk this week as I am this time of every year during the anniversary of my Dad’s illness and death, and as usual The Anthropocene Reviewed was the mysterious nutrition I didn’t even know my spirit needed.

John Green – an author whose words I have tattooed on my arm as they so perfectly describe my own scattered thoughts – chooses two items from the “Human-Centered Planet” to review on a 5-star scale and every episode perfectly bounces between entertaining/humorous and thought-provoking/profound.

Since I prefer to listen to it during a run, I am now the crazy lady who can be seen laughing and crying randomly on the sidewalks of her neighborhood every month when a new episode is delivered.

I obviously love all of the products of John Green’s creativity – from his goofy advice podcast with his brother to his vlogbrother videos and his YA fiction. But to me – The Anthropocene Reviewed – is the best of all of the worlds. His vulnerability as he talks about his personal experiences related to some of these subjects (like Googling strangers) can make you feel like your own heart is aching with pain, while his poignant humor can then catch you off guard as he very seriously critiques the Taco Bell breakfast menu. To me, it is the thing he currently produces that demonstrates his range the best; and it always seems to deliver some sort of spiritual message to me that I didn’t even know I needed.

It’s a weird podcast, in terms of format. There’s just one guy, one voice, talking about one seemingly random topic at a time. I think many people will not give it a chance, which I find terribly regrettable because I think everyone could find something they love about it. If you enjoy learning obscure histories of things like grocery stores and cave paintings, you’ll love this podcast. If you enjoy looking at things deeply and profoundly and finding personal connections to seeming mundane items…you’ll love this podcast. If you like poignant humor and heart-wrenching vulnerability…you’ll love this podcast. If you like Diet Dr. Pepper and AFC Wimbledon? You’ll really love this podcast.

I give it 5 stars.

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  1. Oh my word it is SO our favorite! My boys are excited when it comes out so we can all listen to it. And yes, tears yet laughter. My 15 year old said at one point, “How can he be so monotone and yet so good at telling stories?” I totally give it 5-stars as well.

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