Goodbye Flickr.

I started using Flickr to store/share photos in early 2006 – just a few months after Nikki was born. For the next 5’ish years I uploaded my photos there religiously and tagged them intensely so I could find them easier. Since I was using a high quality DSLR those files were HUGE but I stored just about every photo I ever took. And on top of great storage, it was a fun photography community. Everything I know about photography NOW I learned by using flickr. There were photo challenges and tutorials and you could see the metadata of photos to see what settings photos were taken at so I could better understand things like focal length and shutter speeds. I loved it there.

Then, in 2010, there was this weird thing that started happening and people started stealing baby photos (flickr users noticed it) and using them to create fake profiles on a social media site which was popular in places other than the U.S. It was WEIRD. So I locked down my photos to make mostly everything “private” and then stopped relying on Flickr to store my photos.

And since then, Google Photos has came about and y’all know how much I have ended up loving Google Photos. First of all, it allowed me to keep a 16GB phone clear for 3 years because it just automatically backed up every photo I took on my phone so I could clear all of my photos every few months. But also? No need for tagging! Last night I was looking for old Selfies my Dad took and I searched “Dad selfie” and BAM! There was one he took in 2001 with E, my brother and I.

But mostly I like it because it’s free as long as you don’t need the HIGHEST resolution of photos stored. And while it would be NICE to have that? I don’t mind just storing regular high resolution photos without the maximum resolution. They’re still fine for printing 4x6s which is most of all I ever print anyway.

I always backed up my photos to an external hard drive as well, so when I switched to Google photos from flickr I just used my external hard drive as a backup. But, in the years I’ve been using Google Photos I would periodically realize there were photos on flickr NOT on my external hard drive. I mean, that’s bound to happen, no one’s system is perfect after 14 years of digital archiving.

So, when Flickr announced they were going to force everyone to pay for their plans I had to figure out how to get all of my photos from there to Google Photos. I found instructions online and you basically have to go to your account page and request your data and then they make everything available to you in .zip files of 500 photos each. Now, it does seem that they sort in several ways, by photo albums AND by uploads so if you have one photo in multiple albums on flickr then you’re going to end up with duplicates of that photo.

But I didn’t care. I spent the last 2 weeks downloading those HUGE compressed files, backing them up to my external hard drive, and then unzipping them and uploading them to Google Photos.

I was REALLY hoping Google Photos would be smart enough not to accept duplicates because it has noticed duplicates before when I was backing up from my external hard drive. Alas, something about the metadata of the flickr files was different and so now I do have TONS of duplicates on Google Photos. I think it did recognize SOME duplicates, but not all.

BUT! I’d rather have tons of duplicates than be missing photos or having to pay for flickr JUST to keep those photos accessible.

As of yesterday? I am no longer a flickr user. All of my photos are on google photos. And to celebrate I’m going to share with you one of the first photos of a purchase I made for myself shortly after I started regularly blogging. I had TOTALLY forgotten about this shirt!

And here’s your unrelated body dysmorphia story of the day. I am currently also editing a lot of my past blog entries to finally get them formatted to match the updated system and I can tell you that this girl wearing this shirt? The shirt that wouldn’t fit around my THIGH right now? This girl mentioned “wanting to lose the 10lbs she gained since her wedding” AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK on her blog.

But that’s a conversation for a different category. Instead I’ll just end this with GOODBYE FLICKR! You were a fun photography community for many years, thank you for taking such good care of my photos.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Flickr.”

  1. I just had to de-lurk for the day to say I came across that exact same T-shirt in a fit of tidying up two weeks ago! It also will not fit around my present-day thigh and in an effort to be kind to my current body, I put it in the donate pile.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I couldn’t get the zip files to work, so I had to DL one by one. Oh well. Flickr used to be such a great site.

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