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My blog was down this morning and I was irritated and wanted to post about it on Facebook and I kept struggling typing out the status because the voice inside my head kept saying: Should I be embarrassed I still have a blog?

I mean, this spot on the interwebs is supes personal and so I sometimes wonder if I should be embarrassed about the CONTENT, especially if I’m on a dark mental health swing or if I’m ranting a lot about boobsweat, but should I be embarrassed that I even have a blog?

I started blogging back in late 2003 and that was just on the cusp of the surge in popularity of blogs. EVERYONE had a blog. It was nice because NO ONE was embarrassed because EVERYONE had one. But then it faded and now the only people left are people who actually make money of their blogs and…well…me?

I posted the status to Facebook anyway. I mean, I don’t hide the fact that I have a blog, but I did think about it for a little bit because I’m old enough now that I often am shocked…SHOCKED…to find out stuff I’m doing is embarrassing. My kids are nice enough to let me know and I’m nice enough not to care…but I would like to be able to CHOOSE to be embarrassing and not just find out after the fact.

Anyway. I have a blog. It’s my therapy. I write here most weekday mornings and some weekends. I like to talk about politics, social justice, my health – mental and physical, boob sweat, and the fine art of avoiding left turns. I think I’ll just decide not to be embarrassed about it even if the rest of the world thinks I should be.

Kinda like how much of the world thinks I should be embarrassed about how much I love the Netflix cartoon The Dragon Prince, or Young Adult Fictions, or Harry Potter merchandise…I understand those people are out there and I choose to ignore them so I can continue to pursue the things that bring me joy.

And YAY! for my blog being back up! Woot!

5 thoughts on “Blog.”

  1. Hi! I’m a long time lurker. I started reading blogs around 2002/2003 and while a lot of them are gone, I think the ones like yours that are still going are amazing. You are a great writer! I have stopped following people who switched to vlog or podcast format because I mainly follow people for their writing style. I hardly ever comment, but I just wanted to say that reading your blog is part of my morning coffee routine and brightens my day and gives me perspective. Your blog is like an ongoing excellent book, I’m so happy that you have a blog!

  2. I have a blog as well, although it is private and basically no one reads it. It was public at first and a few “big” bloggers commented a few times. But I wanted it to be a place like FB, which I finally deleted. So it’s private. I still read a lot of blogs although not nearly as many as the old days. And I’m very happy when people update theirs. I also want to say that I was a total FB addict and I realized it was bad for my mental health. I probably miss out on some things, but I’m much happier without it.

  3. I LOVE that you are still blogging regularly. I sometimes think about starting up a new blog because I miss having a space like this to write. But then I never do it. Reading what you write here is something that I look forward to though 🙂

  4. I’m glad you’re still blogging! And I don’t think you should be embarrassed by having a blog–though I don’t have kids to keep me informed on what I do that is so out of touch. 😉 There may be fewer of us blogging these days, but I say if you enjoy it, keep on keeping on.

  5. The first commentators captured what I was going to say perfectly right down to seeing blogs as books that don’t end. I will add that your thoughts on awareness and equity have helped me be more cognizant too. You do good things with this site!

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