On Running With My Kid and Finally Being Ready For February.

You know what I set out as a goal yesterday afternoon to continue through to today? To avoid direct contact with the SOTU address. And guess what? SO FAR SO GOOD! I’m training myself how to be a better “skimmer” of news so that I don’t put attention to things that are going to cause my anxiety to spiral. This goes for tragic stories about hate crimes to our President’s address to the nation.

But I DID catch the women of the house in their glorious white suits. Although women’s suffrage has a complicated history with the lack of intersectionality (something I didn’t learn in school) – I’m a big fan of the symbolism of the white and how those women used it last night. But other than that? I’ve seen/read NADA. ZILCH. I would love to read about Stacy Abram’s response later, but not today. Not last night. I am going to trust my podcasts and my Washington Post subscription to give me what I need when I need it and I am practicing self-care and avoiding all other commentary.

Yesterday was a better day all around. I started a riveting book (I might not like it though, we’ll see) so that gave me a better thing to be distracted by, AND I was working on a special craft project that was SO MUCH FUN so found it relatively easy to distract myself when I was feeling anxious. Also? I had a group run on the schedule and I tend to treat my body better when I know I’m going to run.

All in all? A much better day than Monday. And since this is the grieving season for me I really need to keep everything in check in my self-care. I need to really monitor my mental health and watch for any swings or dips because this is the time of year where I can fall far and fast into depression if I’m not careful.

Can I tell you what has been GREAT self-care lately? RUNNING WITH MY DAUGHTER! She and I signed up for the Fleet Feet Half-Marathon training group together and we’ve been at it for 3 weeks now and it’s GREAT. We do intervals (2 minutes walk/1 minute run) for our regular runs which clocks us in under a 14-minute mile so I think we can set a 3:15 goal pretty easily. On Tuesday nights we do speedwork with the group which I normally HATE but it’s fun with her. I know she can do everything faster than she’s doing it but she seems to like hanging out with me AND she wants to have fun and not hate it and so we’ve found a good groove for just that. She definitely didn’t love getting up at 5:30am on a Saturday this week for a group long run, but for the most part she’s been really great about it all.

I finally feel like I am ready for February! Bring it on! (6 days into the month…)

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