So Much For Sledding.

I am not a weather person, really. I mean…I live in a tornado prone area so when we are under threats of severe weather I find the local weather person that transmits the best and watch them and heed all of their warnings. I don’t IGNORE the weather, but other than turning on the TV for severe weather…I’ve just been using the same weather app on my phone for years. I like it because it gives me a 10-day forecast AND an hourly forecast AND it allows me to easily switch between cities which came in REALLY handy for the 6 months I was driving back and forth between here and Knoxville.

Because THAT is when I take weather VERY seriously: When I’m driving. I hate driving on a clear day, so put me in bad weather and I’m a mess. I’ve stopped many times just to let storms pass because I refuse to risk my life by driving in thunderstorms.

So I use my weather app to track radar and storms and to quickly switch between cities to see if I’m beating the storm or not. And it’s never been inaccurate enough for me to find a new app and I’m of the “stick with what you know” age as it relates to technology and I don’t like trying new things.

But yesterday it said NO snow and we were under winter weather advisories and everyone locally was talking about the impending snow and I was very confused. I wondered if maybe there was something weird about this storm that meant my app would predict wrong. So I posted about it on social media.

Turns out? My weather app is dumb because it’s all run by computers and evidently all of these weather guys (whose names I didn’t recognize because I don’t follow weather unless there’s a tornado coming or if I’m driving) had been trashing the apps because they’re run by computers and not people. Tons of people had different names of local or national weather forecasters who had trashed these apps as being undependable and I was so sad because I’ve never had a problem in the years I’ve used it! It’s gotten me safely to my destinations so many times!

So I ignored the app and went out yesterday and bought two cheap sleds, filled up my gas tank, stocked up on snacks and alcohol, let Nikki have a friend spend the night, and braced myself for the impending snow.

THERE WAS NO SNOW. My app has been vindicated! It’s not terrible! I can keep using it and not feel dumb because the weather forecasters all say it’s bad!

Although now I have to figure out how to cheer up 3 depressed and disappointed kids who wake up in the morning to no snow.

2 thoughts on “So Much For Sledding.”

  1. You can have some of ours. Right now we have about a foot of new snow in the last two days and according to my handy app, our temperature is a balmy -3. Which is going to be the high for the next 36 hours. I’m really looking forward to the -29 that is coming tonight/tomorrow morning.

  2. This was so, so disappointing. Not gonna lie, I was hoping for a snow day from work. Anyway, I know weather predictions aren’t always all that accurate, but I still don’t see how all the local weather forecasters got it so utterly and completely wrong. And it wasn’t just here – Georgia was told to expect winter weather and they didn’t get any, either.

    There’s always February – maybe you can utilize your sleds then!

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