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Continued Love For Google Photos

For 3 years I had an iPhone with 16GB of memory. For someone like me who takes a LOT of photos, that began filling up fast and my solution was to put the Google Photos app on my app because – as long as you don’t mind just a “high” resolution copy of a photo but not the “full” resolution – you can back everything up off of your phone for free. So, my phone was constantly backing up my photos to Google Photos so I could periodically dump the photos OFF of my phone to clear up space.

It was a lifesaver.

Since then I have backed up most of my photos off external drives to Google Photos as well. So, my google photos account now is the central location for all (most?) of my photo archives. I will admit that over the years of trying to keep track of everything I have discovered pockets of missing photos but I try not to get too discouraged considering I still have more photos of my life in 43 years than all of the generations before me had of their lives COMBINED.

Anyway…one of the things I love about Google Photos is it lets you tag faces so you can look through photos by names. This comes in really handy if you like to build reflecting collages for birthdays! But the other thing you can do is just search random things. Like one day I was trying to find Wes’s Kindergarten graduation photos and so I searched “graduation” and Google showed me SO MANY GRADUATIONS in my photo storage. Like my sister-in-law’s graduation from nursing school. And my own graduation from college. And E’s graduation from high school.

This week I stumbled upon an old photo I hadn’t seen before when I was working through some storage in the garage. When I do that, I just quickly take photos of the photo so at least some form of a digital copy gets backed up to Google Photos in case I never find time to scan things in the future. It was a photo of my Mom and I and my brother from Biltmore, which I have visited several times with my other kids. So? What did I do? I searched “Biltmore” in Google Photos and found photos from the other visits!


Isn’t that SO COOL!? I have just loved Google Photos for this very reason. If you struggle with the best/cheapest way to archive photos that takes minimal effort? I highly recommend it.

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