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And You Thought THIS Was A Casual Style Of Writing…

Thank y’all for chiming in yesterday! What a great way to celebrate 15 years!

It’s funny, I’ve also decided to FINALLY start going through ALL of my posts to update them to fit the current system I use for blogging. The first three years were all done on a different platform and so there’s a lot of formatting issues. But even AFTER that, WordPress introduced new features every once in awhile that a lot of the older entries don’t use and in my head, when I die, someone I’m related to might want to read through this crap and I should make it easier on them. SO! This is the year I try to update those posts!

Very. Very. Very. Slowly.

It has been interesting, peaking into my blogging life in 2004. I thought my writing style was casual now…but then it was barely even conversational! It’s taking everything out of me not to just re-write a lot of it because it is SOOOOOO stream-of-consciousness.

Wait. More stream-of-consciousness than THIS?” – Is what all of you are thinking now.


I also did a lot more gimmicks/memes, things like you see periodically on Facebook. I had forgotten all about that trend of blogging. I also seemed to maybe post more than once a day…which it turns out was REALLY unnecessary because most of the later-day posts were just stupid comments on things like…my lunch or pop culture news. It was basically like I wrote one entry in the morning, and then a few Facebook statuses later in the day.

I’m deleting those Facebook status-type posts, for the record. DO NOT WORRY. THEY WERE NEITHER INTERESTING NOR FUNNY. I guess I just liked hearing my own voice constantly? I don’t know.

I haven’t really thought about how much I’ve chanced since 2004, but that was when I only had one child, I didn’t own a house, and I was still using the Geography degree I got in college. I also hadn’t lost my Dad and I hadn’t discovered my political voice. She was 28 which SEEMS like an adult but going back and reading her words I think about how young she was and how I’m not sure she and I would get along right now.

I mean, a lot of us go back and read our diaries from when we were kids, and of course that’s going to feel like reading the thoughts of a different person. But this is like reading the diary of a younger adult version who I wouldn’t expect to be as different and YET…

I do wish I could tell her to stop worrying so much about her diet/weight/body. It has been REALLY good for me to see that the Kim of 2004 who – I’m certain weighed no more than 120lbs TOPS – was compulsively commenting on trying to lose weight. It’s been the slap-on-the-face that I needed to remind myself that IT IS ALL ROOTED IN NOTHING. It’s just a weird culturally-born need to be as thin as possible and it’s ridiculous that 120lb Kim wrote about it more than 170lb Kim does and I here I’ve been trying to cut back a bit.

It’s going to be an interesting project, that’s for sure. I’ve already come across a reference to my Dad and thought, Oh, Kim of 2004. I’m glad you loved him so much because you only have 5 years left with him.

Now, I’m going to end this with a fun little tidbit that has nothing to do with blogging from 2004. I’ve discovered a fun new podcast that I think everyone who likes to learn in fun ways would enjoy – it’s called Sci Show Tangents. It’s a podcast put together by the brains behind the YouTube educational channel, Sci Show, but it’s FUN and there’s profanity so it’s definitely not for the classroom! It’s just one of those things that has brought me joy lately and I thought I’d share it with you.

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