I’ve hit that point in the aging process where sometimes I see a response to points of view or opinions that I didn’t even know existed yet. It happened recently when I saw people on Twitter hating on the fact that low rise jeans are coming back in style and I was laughing to myself because I haven’t even fully accepted the Mom jean resurgence, so maybe I’m just going to skip right over that one?

It’s like I no longer am in tune enough to catch the wave of the changes and trends in popular thought so sometimes I catch the next level of changes, missing the original, and suddenly I’m realizing that I’m now the same age as my Dad was when he was blown away by my compulsion to wear funky colored nail-polishes. He kept wanting me to prove to him that it was a style by showing him ads in my Seventeen magazine, a subscription he gave me as I started going through puberty in hopes it would answer questions he couldn’t.

Yesterday I noticed it was something less concrete than fashion. I saw a response on Twitter where someone was basically saying that even though she knew it was cool to hate on classics, most of the time they’re good. And I thought – When did it become cool to hate on classics? I LOVE TO HATE ON CLASSICS! Did I miss that trend?

I mean, I don’t really love to hate on the classics, but I rarely did any assigned reading in high school or college because I would give the book 20 pages to grip me and if it didn’t, I was out. So any book in my future that seemed like it was considered a classic, I would avoid like the plague. I just kind of assumed it was like fine dining, I didn’t have a refined enough palette to enjoy the classics. HOW DID I MISS THE TREND WHEN THAT WAS COOL?

Currently I’m hung up on the fact that gold jewelry is back in style which I’m trying to ignore. I see the jewelry on the shelves and on my daughter and yet I’m just sticking with my sterling silver because I was happy when the gold stuff went out of style. I always felt that silver looked better with my red undertones. AND PEOPLE ARE MIXING THE TWO! That is like BLASPHEMY.

The funny twist of fate is that my daughter is really into fashion and so most of the time I see something she’s wearing and think, “Oh! That’s really cute! I get it now!” But the first time she bought a pair of mom jeans I was appalled! “Those aren’t cute on anyone!”

Turns out they’re adorable on her. But she has this ability to take the current trends and put them together in a way that makes me understand why they’re on the racks in the first place. THANK GOD I HAVE HER or I would really just be shaking my head and muttering things about “kids these days” every time I looked at the clothes at Target.

I’ve gotten to the end of this entry and kinda skimmed over it all to figure out how to wrap this up and I realize it is a really dumb entry and now I feel compelled to do a lane change on you guys and explain that I’ve been sleeping HORRIBLY lately – and so I feel like my mind is just always erratic and scattered and my thoughts don’t stay focused very well. I find it very obvious going back and reading over this post. I fell asleep last night before 9pm (which is never my struggle – falling asleep) but woke up several times between 9 and 11 just startled and anxious and then got up for the day at 3:30am.

I think part of my problem is breathing related and so I need to get a sleep study I think. I keep Donnie up snoring sometimes and when he pushes me over to make me stop I always wake up feeling like he’s trying to kill me by suffocation when he’s usually just pushing my shoulder. Someone pointed out that could be sleep apnea and so I’ve been thinking about that a lot and I think I often wake up in that state, so I really need to get a sleep study so maybe I can increase my sexy quotient with one of those machines.

So now the point of the entry is: I’m getting old. Things in my body aren’t working and I’m shaking my fists at the kids these days.

This seems like a nice erratic place to end an entry. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. Yes, get a sleep study. I had no idea how horribly I slept until I got my CPAP machine. Wouldn’t dream of sleeping without it.

    And as for fashion… I wear what fits and try to go for classic, always-in-style things. Sometimes what fits may not be current, but if I like it, that’s all that matters.

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